CBD welcomes Associate Professor Stefanie Muff
Associate Professor Stefanie Muff who will be member of CBD from September 1st 2019. She is a researcher in ecological statistics and biostatistics. Her research interests cover quantitative genetics and measurement error modelling of regression/survival analysis. She is also interested in the proper handling of statistical methods. Muff likes to take a Bayesian approach using MCMC or INLA, and uses these approaches to tackle theoretical and applied problems in e.g. evolutionary biology, ecology and epidemiology.

The CBD herd is now gathered in one area!
We are so happy to have gathered all our employees at ground floor of the natural science building, NTNU.  We can now be found in the area E1 and D1 in the natural science building (see map here: http://bit.ly/2UhAdnP). The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) clearly recommend such a co-location, and the Faculty of Natural Sciences have been very helpful with offering CBD the best solution for creating a work environment that fully integrates our research groups. Moreover, the new locations bring us closer to research groups and the administration at the Department of Biology. The leader group have decided to mix members of the various research group in the new area. The target is that different research group shall get better insight in each others work and stimulate to new research collaboration.

CBD welcomes Professor Jane Reid
It is with great pleasure that we can announce that professor Jane Reid, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom, has accepted a position as an International Chair Professor at NTNU, where she will be a part of CBD. Professor Reid is a population biologists, particularly focusing on genetic and environmental causes of variation in individual life-histories. Reid also aims to understand the consequences of such variation for population and evolutionary dynamics. These aims are achieved by applying a combination of statistical, quantitative genetic and molecular genetic analyses to long-term data from wild populations, coupled with mathematical and simulation modelling. Thus, professor Reid has a research profile that fits well with several of CBD’s research goals. Her starting date at NTNU will be October 1 2019.