One year residency at the Centre for Advanced Study (19.9.2017)
Christophe Pélabon (CBD, NTNU) and Thomas F. Hansen (CEES, UiO) have obtained one year residency at the Centre for Advanced Study in Oslo in 2019-2020!


Summary of the project: Evolution by natural selection requires that organisms are evolvable. This makes evolvability, the propensity to evolve, a fundamental concept in evolutionary theory. Yet, for most of the history of evolutionary biology, evolvability was taken for granted and not itself a subject of study. Since about 1990, however, there has been a flood of research on evolvability from several perspectives, but the different interpretations and approaches that have emerged from molecular, developmental and evolutionary biology pose a challenge. In this project, we will evaluate the past 25 years of research in order to understand evolvability as one of the unifying concepts of the "extended synthesis" of evolutionary theory. We will gather researchers from different disciplines that have been instrumental in the study of evolvability to synthesize what we have learned with a special focus on the historical and philosophical context that influenced the emergence of the concept. Our goal is to unify the approaches of different research fields into a synthetic multidisciplinary research program on the potential for evolution.

IPM workshop (05.09.2017)
On Monday 4th September, the workshop "Bayesian integrated population modeling (IPM) using JAGS" started. During this one-week course, Michael Schaub and Marc Kéry from the Swiss Ornithological Institute will enlighten students, PhD candidates and researchers from all over Europe with Bayesian statistics, hierarchical models and integrated population modelling.

CBD at ESEB 2017 in Groningen (16.08.2017)
CBD will be well represented at the ESEB 2017 conference in Groningen. Two symposiums are being organized by CBD members (Joost Raeymaekers is co-organiser of “Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics” (S24), and Irja Ratikainen is co-organiser of “Adaptation to global climate change” (S26) ). Additionally many CBD members will present our research in talks and posters. The full program can be found online here.

Hole-Nesting Birds Conference (23.05.2017)
From 30th of October to 2nd of November, 2017, CBD will organize the Eighth International Hole-Nesting Birds Conference. The conference aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, research scholars and citizen scientists to exchange and share their experiences in research involving all aspects of hole-nesting birds. The scientific program will consist of eight sessions for keynote speakers and contributed speakers to present their latest research results, ideas and challenges within the fields of population dynamics, behaviour, physiology, life-history strategies, speciation, genetics, dispersal and movement, and climate change. For more information, please visit the Conference website.

CBD organises workshop in population modelling (27.04.2017)
CBD will organize two workshops in two consecutive weeks from 28th of August to 8th of September. “Stochastic population dynamics” will be given by members of CBD and “Bayesian integrated population modeling (IPM) using JAGS” will be given by Michael Schaub and Marc Kéry. These two workshops may jointly be taken as a 7.5 credits PhD-course at NTNU. External participants are welcome to apply for one or two of the workshops as well as the PhD-course. Details about the workshop can be found here.

Quality evaluation of salmon populations (24.04.2017)
The Atlantic Salmon Committee, which consists of members from multiple institutions including CBD, has evaluated the quality of 148 Norwegian Atlantic salmon populations. Based on data on abundance and genetic integrity (genetic influence of escaped farmed salmon), only 20% were categorized as having good or very good quality. For more information see

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Next events

Tuesday lunch seminars
September 19th: Jon Wright, Erik Solbu & Steinar Engen, will hold a lecture titled:"Resurrecting r- versus K-selection theory: density dependence uncouples life history evolution at different life stages".
September 26th: Stefanie Muff lectures on Are you sure? Dealing with measurement error and uncertainty in ecological data

CBD Lecture series
September 21st: Jörgen Ripa, Lund University in Sweden, will give a talk about "From stochastic environments to the evolution of intra- and inter-specific interactions -  closing the feedback loop"