Honorable mention of PhD candidate Thomas Haaland!
CBD PhD candidate Thomas Haaland will receive an Honorable Mention for the 2017 Student Paper of the Year award from The American Naturalist. This is one of only two Honorable Mentions from a pool of about fifty first-rate, eligible papers published in 2017 in what is one of the highest rated international journals in evolution and ecology. Congratulations!

The OIKOS 2018 conference
The OIKOS 2018 conference was arranged from 19th - 22nd February in Trondheim. CBD was in charge of the arrangement, and also contributed with a number of talks and poster presentations. More than 300 researchers from all the Nordic countries gathered to learn about the most recent research in ecology and evolution through more than 70 talks, 100 posters, and 4 keynote lectures. CBD wants to thank all people that contributed to make this conference such a great success, and in particular the organising committee: Gunilla Rosenqvist, Irja Ida Ratikainen, Thomas Kvalnes, and Stefan Vriend, in addition to our centre coordinator Solveig Johnsen. CBD also wants to thank the Norwegian Research Council and the Nordic Society OIKOS for financial support. 

CBD in a large collaboration to understand human influences on animal movement
A new paper in Science has a co-author from the CBD.The paper Moving in the Anthropocene: Global reductions in terrestrial mammalian movements, shows that humans affect how far mammals can roam, reducing their movement by up to a third of what it would be in pristine environments.
The work is a collaboration between over 100 scientists, using data stored in the Movebank repository. It was coordinated by Marlee Tucker at Senckenberg BiK-F in Frankfurt, Germany. The CBD link comes from Prof. O'Hara, whose role was to provide advice on the analysis of the data. You can read more about the study inNature.com  and in Science magazin.

CBD congratulates Prof. Jonathan Wright!
Prof. Jonathan Wright at CBD is awarded for excellent teaching. He is one of 9 professors/associate professors at NTNU that was recognised as having the highest pedagogical competence and teaching merit.. Read more here (in Norwegian):

Allometry and comparative methods: A workshop from 26 to 28 February 2018Allometric relationship between head size and body size in Pheidole instabilis (After Raff and Kaufman, 1983.)
CBD is organizing a workshop on allometry and comparative methods. Presentations by invited speakers will be held in R60 (see below for a list of speakers) the 26 and 27 February. A course on SLOUCH (Stochastic Linear Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Models for Comparative Hypotheses) a R package for comparative studies, will be given Wednesday 28 February. Download the programme here >>

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Next events

Tuesday lunch seminars
February 26th
Bart Peeters at 12.00. “Humans and landscape shape spatial genetic structure and diversity in high-arctic reindeer”

February 27th
Diana Bowler at 12:00 “Assessing climate change impacts on species’ population abundances”

CBD Lecture series

March 19th
Monday 19th, 15:15-16:15, auditorium R9: 
 Prof. Andrew Hendry "Eco-evolutionary dynamics in the Galapagos."