Yimen Araya-Ajoy awarded the Pitelka Prize
The International Society for Behavioral Ecology (ISBE), has awarded Dr Yimen Araya-Ajoy and his coauthors the Society’s Pitelka Prize for their paper in Behavioral Ecology: Araya Ajoy, Y., Dingemanse, N. & Kempenaers, B. Timing of extra-pair fertilizations: fertilization trade-offs or pair synchrony spill-overs?

Honorable mention of PhD candidate Thomas Haaland!
CBD PhD candidate Thomas Haaland will receive an Honorable Mention for the 2017 Student Paper of the Year award from The American Naturalist. This is one of only two Honorable Mentions from a pool of about fifty first-rate, eligible papers published in 2017 in what is one of the highest rated international journals in evolution and ecology. Congratulations!

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