NTNU awards to CBD people
Prof. Bernt-Erik Sæther received the NTNU award for outstanding research in 2018. He gets the award for many years of research at the highest international level within biological fields such as population ecology, evolutionary biology, and conservation biology. The award was presented by rector Gunnar Bovim, NTNU. During the same ceremony the committee for gender equality at the Department of Biology received the NTNU award for gender equality and diversity. Two CBD-people are members of this committee: Prof. Gunilla Rosenqvist and Aline Magdalena Lee.

Mathilde Le Moullec wins photography competition at the British Ecological Society 
Mathilde Le Moullec was awarded the student winner in the category "Ecology in action" in the annual photography competition of the British Ecological Society for her image "Can you feel the harsh climate of the high Arctic?". Mathilde's own story about the image: "Shrub ring-growth is irregular under the high-arctic Svalbard climate. The story started onboard a sailboat at the northern distribution margin of shrubs. Months in the laboratory generated 2 mm cross-sections of Salix polaris… Art became science, developing ring-growth time-series retrospectively tracking vascular plants’ biomass". The resulting paper in Journal of Ecology is found here. Read about the BES photography award here

The debate about Plan S
The Research Council of Norway has decided to join the initiative called Plan S, which means that no project funded by the council can publish in anything but Open Access-journals. The major reason is to reduce the subscription costs of journals and to reduce the publishers’ revenue. CBD is, of course, positive to open access publishing. The Director of CBD believes that the Plan S represents a dangerous strategy to choose and has been involved in an initiative to modify it, described in an article in Aftenposten November 16. Read the article here (only in Norwegian). 

Scientific award to Otso Ovaskainen
CBD congratulates Otso Ovaskainen for the prize for mathematics and life sciences awarded by the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. The Academy highlights Ovaskainen's creative combination of mathematics and several biological fields. This multidisciplinary approach has resulted into the development of new globally applicable methods in field research and statistical analyses of ecological and evolutionary processes, which are widely used worldwide. Read more here.

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