Publications 2019

Publications 2019

Andrew, S.C., Taylor, M.P., Lundregan, S., Lien, S., Jensen, H. and Griffith, S.C. 2019. Signs of adaptation to trace metal contamination in a common urban bird. Science of the Total Environment 650, 679–686.

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Bowler, D.E., Nilsen, E.B., Bischof, R., O’Hara, R.B., Yu, T.T., Oo, T., Aung, M. and Linnell, J.D.C. 2019. Integrating data from different survey types for population monitoring of an endangered species: the case of the Eld’s deer. Scientific Reports 9, 7766.

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De León, L.F., Sharpe, D.M.T., Gotanda, K.M., Raeymaekers, J.A.M., Chaves, J.A., Hendry, A.P. and Podos, J. 2019. Urbanization erodes niche segregation in Darwin's finches. Evolutionary Applications 12, 1329–1343.

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Hansen, B.B., Gamelon, M., Albon, S.D., Lee, A.M., Stien, A., Irvine, R.J., Sæther, B.-E., Loe, L.E., Ropstad, E., Veiberg, V. and Grøtan, V. 2019. More frequent extreme climate events stabilize reindeer population dynamics. Nature Communications 10, 1616.

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Hanson, N., Ounsley, J., Burton, T., Auer, S., Hunt, J.H., Shaw, B., Henderson, J. and Middlemas, S.J. (2019). Hierarchical analysis of wild Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) fecundity in relation to body size and developmental traits. Journal of Fish Biology. In press. 

Herfindal, I., Anderwald, P., Filli, F., Campell Andri, S. and Rempfler, T. 2019. Climate, competition and weather conditions drive vertical displacement and habitat use of an alpine ungulate in a highly topographic landscape. Landscape Ecology 34, 2523-2539.

Hildesheim, L.S., Opedal, Ø.H., Armbruster, W.S. and Pélabon, C. 2019. Fitness costs of delayed pollination in a mixed-mating plant. Annals of Botany 124, 869–881. 

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Markussen, S.S., Herfindal, I., Loison, A., Solberg, E.J., Haanes, H., Røed, K.H., Heim, M. and Sæther, B.-E. 2019. Determinants of age at first reproduction and lifetime breeding success revealed by full paternity assignment in a male ungulate. Oikos 128, 328-337.

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