Publications 2022

Publications from CBD 2022

Herfindal, I., Lee, A.M., Hamel, S., Solberg, E.J., and Sæther, B.-E. 2022. Demographic consequences of harvesting: a case study from a small and isolated moose population. Climate Research, 86, 53-64.

Herfindal, I., Lee, A.M., Marquez, J.F., Le Moullec, M., Peeters, B., Hansen, B.B., Henden, J.‑A., and Sæther, B.‑E. 2022. Environmental effects on spatial population dynamics and synchrony: lessons from northern ecosystems. Climate Research, 86, 113–123.

Herfindal, I., Aanes, S., Benestad, R.E., Finstad, A.G., Salthaug, A., Stenseth, N.C., and Sæther, B.‑E. 2022. Spatiotemporal variation in climatic conditions across ecosystems. Climate Research, 86, 9-19.

Kjærstad, G., Arnekleiv, J.V., Velle, G., and Finstad, A.G. 2022. Long‐term responses of benthic invertebrates to rotenone treatment. River Research and Applications, in press.

Lee, A.M., Jarillo, J., Peeters, B., Hansen, B.B., Cao-García, F.J., Sæther, B.‑E., and Engen, S. 2022. Population responses to harvesting in fluctuating environments. Climate Research, 86, 79-91.

Lee, A.M., and Sæther, B.‑E. 2022. Optimal harvesting in a changing climate. Climate Research, 86, 21-27.

Nater, C.R., Stubberud, M.W., Langangen, Ø., Rustadbakken, A., Moe, S.J., Ergon, T., Vøllestad, L.A., and Vindenes, Y. 2022. Towards a future without stocking: harvest and river regulation determine long-term population viability of migratory salmonids. Climate Research, 86, 37–52.

Peeters, B., Pedersen, Å.Ø., Veiberg, V., and Hansen, B.B. 2022. Hunting quotas, selectivity and stochastic population dynamics challenge the management of wild reindeer. Climate Research, 86, 93–111.

Reid, J.M., and Acker, P. 2022. Properties of phenotypic plasticity in discrete threshold traits. Evolution, In press.

Roslin, T., Somervuo, P., ...., Ovaskainen, O., ..., and Mutanen, M. 2022. A molecular-based identification resource for the arthropods of Finland. Molecular Ecology Resources, 22, 803-822.

Stenseth, N.C., Ims, R.A., Sæther, B.‑E., Cadahía, L., Herfindal, I., Lee, A.M., Whittington, J.D., and Yoccoz, N.G. 2022. Sustainable management of populations impacted by harvesting and climate change. Climate Research, 86, 1–7.

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