Welcome back to the NTNU University Museum

Welcome back to the NTNU University Museum!

The museum shop and the exhibitions are now open to the public. The museum has put measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The elevator in the Gunnerus building (Gunnerushuset) at the museum is being replaced and will therefore be out of operation from week 31 to week 48. This means that visitors who are dependent upon elevator can only see the exhibitions on the 1st floor and the medieval exhibition in the Suhm building (Suhmhuset). Unfortunately, at the present moment we cannot facilitate parking of strollers and buggies, neither indoors nor outdoors. Even though the elevator will be inaccessible, the cloakroom, toilets and all our exhibitions will be accessible via stairs. HC toilet with changing table is available in the Suhm building. We will do our best to limit the amount of noise or disruption to our visitors throughout construction. At times the workers may be seen in the exhibitions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • Gold rings. Photo Åge Hojem NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet

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    Archaeological and cultural history objects from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, the Middle Ages and more recent times, mostly found in Central Norway.

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Opening Hours

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Foto: Åge Hojem, NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet
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