Background and activities

Failed student (zoology and chemistry). Former wild card and journalist.

Local news. Transport. Foreign affairs. Subeditor.

Born in Trondheim. Stopped studying at NTNU in 1991 after too many classes in zoology, biology and chemistry.

Journalism studies in Oslo 1993-1995.

Freelance journalist in Rogaland, Norway 1994-2000.

Games reviewer from 1996.

Stavanger Aftenblad 2000-2013.

Returned to Trondheim 2013.

Experience from local offices, transport, foreign affairs and several years as a subeditor, very often leading the shifts and prioritizing stories.

I have a disease that makes my brain die a little every time I hear the words "Knowledge for a better world".

My goals are to be a good father, to see all continents and visit at least 100 countries before I die.

Hates unnecessary meetings.