Contact for Alumni collaboration

Contact for Alumni collaboration

Student Assistants

Student Assistants



Charlotte Eide

Charlotte Eide, photoCharlotte Eide, MSc, European Studies

Lasse Borg Anderson

Lasse Borg Anderson, photoLasse Borg Anderson, MSc, Energy and Environmental Engineering

Marte Rønningstad Olsen

Marte Rønningstad Olsen, photoMarte Rønningstad Olsen, MSc, Work and Organizational Psychology

Ingeborg Helga Hus Nesse

Ingeborg Helga Hus NesseIngeborg Helga Hus Nesse, MSc, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Flora Joelle Mbuembue Larsen

Flora Joelle Mbuembue LarsenFlora Joelle Mbuembue Larsen, BSc, Economics and Business Administration

Vilde Lovise Støfring Rørvik

Vilde Lovise Støfring RørvikVilde Lovise Støfring Rørvik, MSc, Economics and Business Administration

Stian Ranøyen Bratsberg

Stian Ranøien Bratsberg, photoStian Ranøyen Bratsberg, MSc, Energy and Environmental Engineering

Gjermund Blauenfeldt Næss

Gjermund Blauenfeldt Næss, photoGjermund Blauenfeldt Næss, Msc, Petroleum Geosciences and Engineering

Sindre Evensen

Sindre Evensen, photoSindre Evensen, MSc, Property Development and Management

Håvard Blystad Rekdal

Håvard Blystad Rekdal, photoHåvard Blystad Rekdal, MSc, Marine Technology

Rebekka Cornelia S. Vendrig

Rebekka Cornelia S. VendrigRebekka Cornelia S. Vendrig, MSc, Architecture



Jan Beniamin Kwiek

Jan Beniamin Kwiek, photoJan Beniamin Kwiek, BSc, Web Development



David Gustavo Molina Vargas

David MolinaDavid Gustavo Molina Vargas, MSc, Product and System Design

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