Student life

Life and Housing in Gjøvik

Student life

Gjøvik has about 30 000 inhabitants and is a town known for its rich music and cultural life. The beautiful nature surrounding the city is ideal for an active outdoor life. Gjøvik is located in the heart of Norway and this unique location provides endless possibilities. You will find the capital city Oslo only 140 kilometers away, with all opportunities a big city provides. On the other hand, you can go for a day trip in the nearby mountains. Cross-country skiing is available basically from your doorstep and downhill skiing is possible only a short drive away.

As a student at NTNU in Gjøvik you become part of a vibrant and active study environment. While studying it’s important that you thrive socially as well as academically. At Gjøvik, it’s easy to get to know people, even across study fields, and you get in close contact with lecturers and research communities.


NTNU in Gjøvik consists of several buildings in an open environment, easily reachable by foot from the city centre. The teaching takes place in modern lecture halls, computer labs and rooms for smaller group activities.

The G-building is the hub for all campus activity. Here you will find the library, bookshop, the Student Welfare Association, the Student Centre, and of course the canteen.

The great atrium in the A-building is also a central place to gather. Generally, you can meet with fellow students and work on group projects – or use it as a reading room. It is also a nice place for greater events, celebrations, exhibits and guest lectures.

Leisure time

At Gjøvik you can find leisure and activity groups for everyone. If you’re up for it, you have a lot of possibilities. Whether you like American football, journalism, brewing beer, watching films or whatever it may be, you are bound to meet someone like-minded.

“HUSET” (“the house”) is the name of the students own meeting place at Gjøvik. Here you’ll find pub/café and concert scene. “HUSET” is run by volunteering students, and they offer a versatile range of events, from quiz and bingo to theme parties and great concerts.

Student organisations

Enthusiastic and creative students who works hard to offer you both social and academically events throughout the year manage the student organizations. Building a bridge between education and profession is important, and that’s why the student organizations set up career days every year. Here a line of companies and employers present themselves, ready to get hold of the brightest minds.

The International Students have established a local International Student Union (ISU) branch, called ISU Gjøvik. You can also become a member of their board, gaining valuable organisational experience and being part of a group that influence the student life of all international students at Gjøvik.


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