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Energy landscape - solar-, hydro- and wind power

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) leads the way in energy research.

NTNU Energy represents the university's energy research and its 600 energy researchers.

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Norwegian Centres for Environmentfriendly Energy Research

Illustration of hydropower. Illustration: HydroCen

HydroCen Research Centre: hydropower in the future renewable energy system.

A woman's back head

NTRANS Research Centre: the role of the energy system in the transition to a zero-emission society.

Illustration of a living environment. Illustration Snøhetta.

ZEN Research Centre: zero emission neighbourhoods in smart cities.

In addition to these three Centres where NTNU is the host, NTNU is a partner in eight Norwegian Centres for Environmentfriendly Energy Research: Hydrogeni, NorthWind, NCCS, CINELDI, HighEFF, Bio4Fuels, MoZEES and SUSOLTECH.

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