• Ørlandet

    Archaeology at Ørland Main Air Station

    Around 3000 years ago, a body of land slowly emerged from the sea, strategically located right where Trondheimsleia (fairway) meets the sea route that runs along the Norwegian coastline. Today we know this area as Ørlandet.


  • Exhibition Continuous change NTNU University Museum

    Welcome to our new exhibition: Continuous change

    In this exhibition, you can learn and experience some of the climate changes from the last glacial period to today. We present insights into 12,000 years of development and display artefacts from the very first human beings in Norway.

  • Photo: Per E. Fredriksen, NTNU Museum.

    Medieval Trondheim exhibition 

    Experience Trondheim as it was 800 years ago! We have recreated the city’s first main street, Kaupangstretet, with full-scale replicas of houses and side streets.

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