Strategic Thematic Areas 2014–2023

NTNU has designated four strategic areas that have formed networks across faculties
and departments to bring the best minds to work on cross-disciplinary subjects.

The research areas and their main topics:


  1. Technological solutions for new renewable energy, especially solar energy, bioenergy and offshore wind power
  2. Energy efficiency and restructuring of energy systems in buildings
  3. Carbon capture and storage
  4. More effective recovery of oil and gas
  5. Policy, innovation and civic engagement for eco-friendly energy
  6. Smart energy systems (smart grids)

Ocean science and technology

  1. Green maritime transport
  2. In the ocean depths
  3. Oil and gas from the north
  4. Sustainable seafood
  5. Clean energy from the ocean
  6. The sea, the environment and society

Health, welfare and technology 

  1. Health promotion, disease prevention and empowerment
  2. Diagnostics and treatment
  3. ICT systems, welfare technology and organization of health services


  1. Goals and institutional framework
  2. Sustainable urban development
  3. Biodiversity and ecosystem services
  4. Environmental and sustainability analysis