Through interdisciplinary cooperation, NTNU's strategic research areas address complex challenges of great importance for society.


Energy iconNTNU Energy

– developing knowledge about renewable and environmentally friendly energy for the world community

Director: Professor Olav Bjarte Fosso

  • Carbon capture and storage
  • Energy efficiency and restructuring of energy systems in buildings
  • More effective recovery of oil and gas
  • Policy, innovation and civic engagement for eco-friendly energy
  • Smart energy systems (smart grids)
  • Technological solutions for new renewable energy, especially solar energy, bioenergy and offshore wind power


Health iconNTNU Health

– innovative solutions to complex health challenges

Director: Researcher Magnus Steigedal


Oceans iconNTNU Oceans

– knowledge for a sustainable ocean

Director: Professor Ingrid Schjølberg


Sustainability iconNTNU Sustainability

– knowledge for change

Director: Professor Annik Magerholm Fet


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