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The research group focuses on various biological and behavioral biometrics including 2D- and 3D-face recognition, fingerprint recognition, fingervein recognition, dental biometrics, ear recognition, signature recognition, gait recognition, keystroke recognition, gesture recognition, and mouse dynamics.

We focus on privacy enhancing technologies such as biometric template protection and integration in physical and logical access control

Our research activity is based around the NTNUs Norwegian Biometrics Laboratory (NBL), and its long lasting partnership with the Norwegian ID CentreThe lab also serves as an independent testing institution for biometric performance evaluations based on its in-house biometric databases.

We are an active member in the European Association for Biometrics and co-organize the international conference BIOSIG as well as the Biometric Session of IEEE IIH-MSP.


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Raghavendra Ramachandra
Group coordinator

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