CIUS Autumn Conference 2019

Panorama of Sjømillitære Samfund in Horten

CIUS Autumn Conference 2019

CIUS Autumn Conference 2019

We are pleased to announce that the CIUS Autumn Conference 2019 will be arranged in Horten on 26 and 27 November. The venue is the traditional Sjømilitære Samfund on Karljohansvern. A block of rooms has been reserved for the participants, some inside Sjømilitære Samfund, the rest in a nearby hotel. The conference starts with lunch at 12.00 on Tuesday 26 November, and will finish by 16.00 on Wednesday, 27 November.

Horten is home of several CIUS industry partners and of the USN transducer lab. This gives us opportunity to show how devices are made in real life, and company visits will be organized as part of the conference. For the technical program, we are especially pleased to welcome prof. Nico de Jong from TU Delft to talk about sophisticated new transducer designs. We also expect the first PhD-candidates to have defended their theses by this time, and hope to be able to honor them during the conference.

Apart from this, the program will follow the successful recipe of the previous CIUS-meetings, with presentations by CIUS partners and invited guest speakers, speed updates from CIUS researchers, and updates from the CIUS administration.








Company Tours



GE Vingmed Ultrasound



Kongsberg Maritime Subsea



USN Vestfold, Department of Microsystems



Return to Sjømilitære Samfund. Refreshments



Company Presentations



Surface acoustic wave filters

Stig Rooth, Kongsberg Norspace


Classification of sonar echoes

Karl Thomas Hjelmervik, FFI Horten








Presentations from CIUS partners



Sonar technology for fisheries research

Lars Nonboe Andersen, Kongsberg Maritime


Ultrasound auto-registration for interventional cardiology

Hoai An Pham, NTNU


Teaching computers to interpret petroleum well logs

Erlend Viggen, NTNU


International Speaker



New Transducer Technology

Nico de Jong, TU Delft, New Transducer Technology


Refreshments and mingling



Updates from PhD-students



Breaking wave imaging using lidars and multibeam sonar

Oscar Bryan, University of Bath

  Piezoelectric micromachined transducers (PMUTs) for fingerprint sensors Amir Mansoori, USN
  New active materials for sonar Ellen S. Røed, USN and Kongsberg Maritime Subsea
  FEM-modelling of ultrasound transducers Lars Erik Myrstuen, GE Parallel Design
  Presentation of completed PhD and postdoc-projects. Part 1  
11:15 Software beamforming in medical ultrasound imaging - a blessing and a curse Ole Marius Rindal, UiO
11:40 4D ultrasound vector flow imaging for intraventricular flow assessment Morten S. Wigen, NTNU





Presentation of completed PhD and postdoc-projects. Part 2


13:15 3D Doppler imaging in cardiac applications using high frame rate sequences Stefano Fiorentini, NTNU
13:40 Therapeutic dual-frequency ultrasound transducers Kenneth K. Andersen, USN
14:00 New inventions. The DOFIs from 2018  
  A numerical optimization method for ultrasound transducers utilizing the linearity of the phase spectrum Kenneth K. Andersen et al., USN
  A dual-frequency transducer utilizing the 1st and 5th harmonics of a single element transducer Kenneth K. Andersen et al., USN
  Training application for echocardiopgraphy Erik Smistad et al., NTNU
  Real-time automatic ejection fraction and MAPSE measurements in 2D ultrasound using neural networks Erik Smistad et al., NTNU
  Computer-aided functional measurements in 2D echocardiography using deep learning Andreas Østvik et al., NTNU
  Characterisation method for piezoelectric rods Marcus Wild et al., USN
  Doppler-corrected matched filtering for Modulated Multibeam Echo-Sounder Antoine Blachet et. al., UiO


Refreshments and mingling



Innovation in CIUS

Svein Erik Måsøy, Industrial liaison and researcher in CIUS


Celebration of best DOFI from 2018



Closing remarks

Eva Nilssen, Director of CIUS board, Program Manager GE Healthcare