Cius Conference 2019

Cius Conference 2019

We would like to thank all participants for inspiring talks and interesting conversations in Oslo. We hope to see as many as possible at the next conference in the autumn.





Opening: Dean of Faculty of Math and Nat. Science: Prof. Morten Dæhlen

Key note: Alison Noble, Oxford University: Learning to Assist Ultrasound Image Interpretation

Anne Solberg, UiO: Current status in deep learning for image analysis: balancing applications, data availability and theory

Eigil Samset, GE Vingmed Ultrasound: How GE Healthcare is enabling AI at scale with Edison AI Services

Lasse Løvstakken, NTNU: Deep Learning for robust image analysis and automatic measurements in echocardiography

Narada Warakagoda, FFI: Classification and comparison of sea-floor objects in sonar images with deep learning

Line Eikvil, NR: Challenges with deep learning in the context of automated seismic interpretation


Wilfred de Booij, Forkbeard (Sonitor): Smartphone indoor positioning using audio and Bluetooth

Fredrik Lingvall, Dolphitec: The History of DolphiTech and its 2D Array Technology

Tormod Selbekk, Nisonic: A new ultrasound system for non‐invasive detection of raised intracranial pressure

Haakon Bryhni, Nunatak: Industrialisation of real‐time 3D sensor technologies

Frank Melandsø et al, UiTromsø: Ultrasonic transducers and scanning platform for high frequency ultrasonic and photoacoustic imaging

Speed updates. 8 presenters, max. 10 min duration


Speed updates

Remus Hanea, Equinor: Data ‐ driven and machine learning are "the new black" ‐ an open debate

Alexey Pavlov, NTNU: BRU21 ‐ NTNU research and innovation program in digital and automation solutions for oil and gas industry

Ketil Hokstad, Equinor: Naive Bayes in exploration

Hans Torp, NTNU, Super‐resolution in vascular imaging without use of contrast agent

Eva Nilssen director of CIUS board, Program Manager GE Healthcare for Closing remarks

Speaker Speedupdate description

Magne Aanes, Halfwave

Crack detection in pipe walls using guided waves

Joaquin Aparicio, IFI, UIO

Evolution of Acoustic Indoor Localization Systems

Henrik Ræder, SINTEF Industry

The 3D-PIEZO project – lead-free piezoelectric devices by additive manufacturing

Per Kristian Bolstad, USN

Ultrasound Transducers for Harsh Environments

Astri Mikalsen, USN

Sensitivity of Transducer for Medical ultrasound imaging - Models and measurements

Sigrid K Dahl, Sintef Medtek; and Thomas Grønli, NTNU

Ultrasound VFI, optical PIV and CFD – update on in vitro and in silico CardioSIM experiments

Melina Mühlenpfordt, NTNU

Acoustic cluster therapy (ACT) - A novel dual frequency transducer mediates enhanced uptake of macromolecules in pancreatic ductual adenocarcinomas

An Pham, NTNU

Ultra-fast ultrasound volume registration for cardiac interventions


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