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Foreign students are allowed to a specified dictionary in examinations

Students from a foreign country and with little or no knowledge of the Norwegian language are allowed to a specified dictionary in examinations. Students do not have to apply for this. Please note that for language studies, use dictionaries according to the information in the programme study guide. The dictionaries will be inspected by the invigilator before the start of the examination.

Registration for examination

Registration for examination and, if applicable, cancellation of registration for examination (withdrawal) can be done on Student Web.

The deadlines are:

  • Registration for examination: 15 September (exam in Autumn semester) and 15 February (exam in Spring semester)
  • Cancellation of registration for examination: 15 November (exam in Autumn semester) and 30 April (exam in Spring semester)

The time and place for each exam can also be found on Student Web.

Delayed exam registration

Rules for delayed exam registration and application form for exemption.


Examination candidates are to be in the examination hall no later than 10 minutes before examination starts. A valid semester card and ID document with photo are to be brought to the examination hall. These are shown before signing the attendance list.

Re-sit examinations

Re-sit examinations will be held in weeks 32-33. The deadline for registration for examination is 9 July. Information about which groups of students are allowed to take the re-sit examination will be available from mid June. The plan for examinations will be available from the middle of July. Students wishing to take a re-sit examination must make the registration themselves on Studentweb.


If the student has passed, he/she only has the right to re-take an examination once more in each course in order to improve his/her grade. If the student is registered for an examination and has not withdrawn his/her examination registration by the deadline decided by the Director of the Student and Academic Division, this is regarded as one attempt. The highest grade obtained is the one that counts. When the grade for a course is based on two or more assessments or tests, all of these have to be re-taken.

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