26th of August: the Megagame of a Changed World at Lillehammer

26th of August: the Megagame of a Changed World at Lillehammer

A new world order is coming to Lillehammer during Sikkerhetsfestivalen 26 August 2019. IIK arranges a Megagame for students at NTNU in Gjøvik and other interested. 

This megagame is about a semi-fictional real world 16 years from now. In this game there are familiar and unfamiliar aspects of the global political situation, arising from shifts in the geopolitical landscape, the impact of technological innovation and the challenges arising from that, demographic changes and social and economic factors. 

NTNU facilitates the megagame in collaboration with Stone Paper Scissors https://www.stonepaperscissors.co.uk/

I need help from teachers and researchers to spread the word about the Megagame to our students. 

NTNU has invited bachelor students from Department of gaming education and Department of TV-education at IN together with our own students.

Time: 26th of August 2019, 0900 - 1600

Place: Eidsiva Arena (before: Kristins-hallen), Lillehammer

Registration: https://www.ntnu.no/machform/view.php?id=468569 Registration within 16th of August.

We search to provide cheap transport forth to and back from Lillehammer for our students.

If you have any questions, please contact Grethe Østby: https://innsida.ntnu.no/person/grethos