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Rendering appearance of an object is a complex matter, as colour, translucency, gloss and structure influence how an object appear. Read more about Colourlab’s research on material appearance here.

Imaging for cultural heritage 

Imaging techniques can capture a lot of information about cultural heritage objects, like pigment identification, under drawings or degradation etc. Read more about Colourlab’s research on imaging for cultural heritage here

Image quality

Our research focuses on subjective and objective image quality assessment. We have over the years published several datasets for image quality assessment etc. Read more about Colourlab's research on image quality here.

Medical imaging

We conduct research related to medical imaging applications including video capsule endoscopy, CT, and MRI. We work closely with hospitals and medical professionals. Read more about Colourlab's reasearch on medical imaging here

Colour and perception

Fundamental research on colour and perception including colour matching functions, contrast sensitivity, visual masking with more.  

Colour management

From the beginning the Colourlab has done research on colour management, and we have a long record of applied research in this field. 

Computer vision, image processing and machine learning

Computer vision, image processing and machine learning

Educational projects

Developing teaching and educational practices in cooperation with our international partners are of high importance of Colourlab. Read more about our educational projects here.

Other projects

Other projects



Since the beginning of 2008, the Colourlab has organized a series of small workshops every year. The workshops has covered various "hot topics" within color science and image processing. See list of all workshops here. 



We are involved in several programmes of study at bachelor, master, and PhD level: 

Vacant position forside

Vacant positions

We are often looking for talented and motivated people. Open positions are announced at JobbNorge