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In this project, Hawassa University, Adama Science and Technology University, and Arba Minch University in Ethiopia will be joined by NTNU and Nord University in Norway in order to set up an Ethiopian-Norwegian network in computational mathematics. Our main goals are the enhancement of the quality of education and research in applied mathematics, the improved cooperation between the Norwegian and Ethiopian partners, and an increased interaction between academia and the Ethiopian industry and public sector.

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funded by NORPART 2021/10167


ENNCoMat Activities


Forthcoming Activities

The first Ethiopian study group with industry and a preparatory winter school will take place at Addis Ababa Science and Technology university in Addis Ababa November 27 - December 8, 2023.

Past Events

Participants of the second Python Workhsop
Group work in Pyhton
2nd Summer School for Female Students
September 18—29, 2023
Hawassa University (HU)
Claus Führer (Lund University), Anne Kværnø (NTNU)

For the second “Summer school for female students”, which again focussed on scientific programing in Pythn, 18 students from 9 universities all over Ethiopia particitipated. On Sunday morning, a guided tour through the newly established botanical garden of Hawassa University was organised. The workshop concluded again with a joint dinner the last Thursday evening. Some participatnts contributed traditional songs and dances for the nice evening.

Participants of the Modelling Week
Checking the Model in real life
Modelling Week 2023
September 4-8, 2023
Addis Abeba University, local organizer Zerihun Kinfe (HU).
Dag Wessel-Berg and Nanna Berre (NTNU)

The first Ethiopean modelling week was organised at Addis Abeba University September 4-8, 2023. 20 students Addis Abeba Universty and the three Ethiopean partner universities spent the week working in groups on a project based on a real-life problems, under the guidance of 2 instructors from NTNU and local instructors. The students presented their results to the other groups on the last day and summarized their work in as a report afterwards.

Participants of the first Python Workhsop
Participants of the first Python Workhsop
1st Summer School for Female Students
September 19—30, 2022
Adama Science and Techology University (ASTU)
Claus Führer (Lund University), Anne Kværnø (NTNU)

The topic of this first “Summer school for female students” was “Scientific programming with Python”. There were 19 students from 9 universities all over Ethiopia that participated. The last Thursday, the group visited the “Awash Melkassa Aluminium Sulphate and Sulphuric Acid S.C”, where also the picture of the participants was taken. The excursion day was conclused by a dinner of all participants and the organisers.