1760 - Science on the edge of the world

1760 – Science on the edge of the world

Welcome to the Royal Norwegian Society of Science and Letters (DKNVS) in the year 1760. Here you will find some of the University Museum’s first collections of objects, species and books. The exhibition also includes historical items from the period. 

DKNVS was founded during an exciting new period in time: when the world-view shifted from the church-dominated medieval period, and the Age of Enlightenment and its scientific revolution. As such, parts of the exhibition examines this development and early scientific ideas.

What started as a work of three volumes on the history of Norway and Denmark grew to become collections containing several thousand items. Discover the University Museum’s long history and its early scientific collections.

Meet and get to know Bishop Johan Ernst Gunnerus, the founder and driving force for the establishment of what would one day become the NTNU University Museum. 

1760 - Science on the edge of the world front Photo: Åge Hojem

1760 - Science on the edge of the world Pen and paper Photo: Åge Hojem

Where to find the exhibition

NTNU Gunnerius

You can find the exhibition on the ground floor of the Gunnerus building, at Kalvskinnet Campus, Trondheim. 

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