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PaaSforChain (Platform as Service Technologies for High-performance Blockchain-based Supply Chain Management Systems) will study and develop platform technologies to facilitate supply chain management, which will be certified to guarantee immutability while collating both the asset-data with metadata during transportation using blockchain technology as the core enabler of the system.

The project targets the thematic area “ubiquitous data and service”, which will focus on multiple areas such as content technology, information management, distributed systems, especially blockchain, the Internet of things, and big data. The project will be truly ubiquitous as it will cover the fisherman in the high north over no, or satellite-based networks to the high-speed infrastructure of 4G/5G-LTE on land to the storage of global blockchain and cloud systems with heterogeneous, distributed and enormous data.

The introduction of the project in Chinese (中文网站)

Link to the prototype system for supply chain traceability





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Figure. See description in caption below.
Figure: The challenges of moving from a classical supply chain with a limited number of participants, low traceability, some security and data privacy challenges, and data silos to a supply chain across countries with many parties across borders, traceability and transparency,more security and privacy challenges, and data integration and analysis. Key technologies needed to overcome these challenges are software engineering, blockchain and big data.

To manage the work, it has been divided in to seven work packages as listed below.

WP list

Work packages:

  • WP1 Use case specification development and demonstration
  • WP2 Architecture design
  • WP3 Security and privacy
  • WP4 High-performance data management and analysis
  • WP5 Consensus algorithm in unstable network
  • WP6 Dissemination and exploitation
  • WP7 Project management


PaaSforChain is built upon:

Project funding

PaaSforChain is financed by the Research Council of Norway and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China via the Chinese-Norwegian Collaborative Projects on Digitalisation.

Duration: 2021 - 2023




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