Background and activities

Research focuses

I got my Master in Artificial Intelligence and Ph.D. in Software Engineering. My research focuses cover these two fields and their interactions.

One key issue I want to address is "System and Software Engineering for Smart System", i.e., how to use system and software engineering approaches to improve security, safety, and reliability of smart systems, e.g. autonomous vehicle, autonomous boat, and smart city. The relevant projects I am leading or working on for this topic include:

  • Security and safety of cyber-physical systems (Supervising 1 Ph.D. student)
  • Security, safety, and resilience of smart city (Supervising 1 Ph.D. student)
  • Safety, autonomy, remote control and operations of industrial transport systems (Working as a researcher and collaborating with SINTEF Digital)

Another topic I am interested in is "Smart Software and System Engineering", i.e., using modern Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Data analytic approaches to solve engineering problems. The relevant projects I am leading or working on for this topic include:

  • Intelligent traffic control of autonomous vehicles (Supervising 1 Ph.D. student)
  • Circular Economy, IoT, and Big Data analytics (Supervising 1 Ph.D. student and one PostDoc)

In addition, I am supervising more than 10 Master students. The research themes of my Master students include:

  • Empirical software engineering (e.g. DevOps)
  • System safety (e.g., safety and security analysis of autonomous cars and boats)
  • Software security (e.g., Source code analysis tools to identify security vulnerabilities)
  • Blockchain-based applications (e.g. blockchain for sustainability development)
  • AI and data analytic related applications (e.g., intelligent traffic management and predictive maintenance)


  • Software security (TDT4237)
  • Advanced software engineering (TDT4242)

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

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