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SFI AutoShip

SFI Autoship is a 8-years research-based innovation centre that will contribute to Norwegian players taking a leading role in the development of autonomous ships for safe and sustainable operations. The focus areas include:

  1. Enabling technologies like situational awareness, artificial intelligence, autonomous and control and digital infrastructure.
  2. New business models and operational concepts like the adaptation of shore control centers and development cost-effective solutions for logistics and port solutions.
  3. Methods and models for monitoring risk and the clarification of the legal aspects of liability when a captain is not on board.

The centre has more than 20 partners from the Norwegian maritime industry, including end users, product and service suppliers, research institutes, universities and government. The centre started up in December 2020.

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The Dutch Royal couple visits NTNU and the SFI AutoShip stand

The Dutch Royal couple visits NTNU and the SFI AutoShip stand

On Thursday 11.11.21 the Dutch Royal Couple and Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette Marit of Norway visited the localities of Maritime Robotics. There they were able to explore our stand and learn more about SFI AutoShip and NTNU Shore Control Lab. They could also see the autonomous ferry milliAmpere II operating outisde. 

Photo by: Terese Samuelsen, Minbuza. 

TV2 news were present reporting. In the photo you can see PhD in SFI AutoShip Felix Petermann and Centre director of SFI AutoShip Mary Ann Lundteigen. On the left the Dutch King. 



The SFI days

The SFI AutoShip Days were arranged for the first time on the 15th and 16th of September in Trondheim. Almost 60 participants met physically for plenaries, parallel sessions and site visits in the Brattøra Harbour. We visitied Maritime Robotics including a demonstration of the Otter USV, Kongsberg Maritime's autonomous drone and last but not least, milliAmpere II. Photo: Sander Furre

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