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PhD opportunities

NTNU's PhD positions are continuously posted online. A doctoral degree from NTNU qualifies you for a range of jobs both in the public and private sectors.

Master's programmes

Application deadline:

Non-EU/non-EEA students: 1 December. Please note the tuition fee

EU/EEA / students: 1 March

Nordic students: 15 April

Exchange students

Exchange students who want to take courses at NTNU, or those who want to work with projects, an internship or write their master's thesis.

For refugees

Temporary student places for refugees who have registered for collective protection or received individual asylum in Norway.  

Application deadline:
1 December





Card deck engelsk hovedside

A bird-view picture from Hønefoss after heavy rain

Ethical pressure

An extreme storm in Norway called Hans has accelerated the debate about how we should build and where we can live. Adapting to wilder and wetter weather also means that engineers are exposed to greater ethical pressure.
Norwegian SciTech News
Portrait of Marit Reitan

Students' well-being

-The fact that one in three students may have a mental disorder is alarming. Unfortunately, it confirms and reinforces previous findings presented during last year's SHoT-survey, says Pro-Rector Marit Reitan.
A man with an oxygen-mask running on a treadmill

63 Degrees North

How did a simple Norwegian fitness calculator nearly crash the New York Times webpages? Can high-intensity interval training help prevent or delay Alzheimer's disease? Listen to 63 Degrees North to hear the answers and more!
A reindeer


Despite inbreeding and limited genetic diversity, the Svalbard reindeer has managed to adapt to extreme living conditions in record time — what researchers call a genetic paradox. But can they survive climate change?
Norwegian SciTech News

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