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PhD opportunities

NTNU's PhD positions are continuously posted online. A doctoral degree from NTNU qualifies you for a range of jobs both in the public and private sectors.

Master's programmes

Application deadline:

Non-EU/non-EEA students: 1 December. Please note the tuition fee

EU/EEA / students: 1 March

Nordic students: 15 April

Exchange students

Exchange students who want to take courses at NTNU, or those who want to work with projects, an internship or write their master's thesis.

For refugees

Temporary student places for refugees who have registered for collective protection or received individual asylum in Norway.  

Application deadline:
1 December





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Apps and exercise

Apps and games make us exercise more often, play more, run further, learn better and work smarter. Meet the innovators who make you do the things you should be doing but that you maybe don’t want to.
Norwegian SciTech News
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Student´s well-beeing

– The fact that one in three students may have a mental disorder is a frightening amount. Unfortunately, it confirms and reinforces previous findings presented during last year´s SHoT-survey, says pro-rector Marit Retan.
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More sepsis

Sepsis, or blood poisoning, occurs more frequently than previously estimated by professionals. At the same, mortality rates have declined sharply. The two are connected.
Norwegian SciTech News
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Welcome to Hyfer!

With this year’s Hyfer science festival, NTNU and partners offer a variety of exciting experiences over two festival days – Friday 22 and Saturday 23 September. Almost all events are free to the public.

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