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Award to CBD-members in UA
The Wildlife Publication Award 2015 to Engen, Lande and Sæther is covered in Universitetsavisa >>

The Dalechampia made it in a Dutch newspaper
Find the link to the original paper in functional Ecology here >>:

Olivia Langhamer interviewed at Statkraft 
The Interview for Statkraft: Gode naboer - På dypt vann. People & Power Nr. 14 (2014), p 31 (in Norwegian).
Read more at Statkraft.no

The Møbius prize
The Møbius prize to professors Sæther and Engen has recieved attention in Norwegian media:
Adressa >>
Universitetsavisa >>

NRK-program about Svalbard and extreme weather events
NRK will cover the article about Svalbard ecosystem recently publised in Science in a TV-program 7 February >>

Svalbard ecosystem attracts media
The study on climate events on Svalbard ecosystem recently published in Science has received interests among media.
Science Daily >>
Die Welt >>
Spiegel >>
Aftenposten >>
NRK >>
Adressa >>

Feature article about Darwin >>
Dr. Hanno Sandvik has written a feature article about Darwin and some of his political opinions in relation to his biological theories.

Concern about inbred island moose >>
Local managers raise concern about small island moose populations in northern Norway, which also are of interest to researchers at CCB.

Get a glimpse of the research at CCB >>
NRK has joined the house sparrow project in field, and learned how research at CCB addresses important questions related to environmental change.

The vision behind the Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics at NTNU is to develop an interdisciplinary centre for research into changes in time and space of biological diversity at different organismal levels.

CBD focuses on three primary research areas, in which we believe it is important to increase knowledge for the sustainable conservation of biodiversity in a changing world.

CBD includes researchers primarily from the following institutions:
Department of Biology, NTNU
NTNU University Museum
Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU
Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA)


Successful Wild Animal Genomics Meeting in Selbu (20.08.2015)
A workshop on the use of genomics techniques in natural populations was held June 23rd-25th in Selbu, a small village 40 km east of Trondheim, Norway. The workshop was organized by the CBD-members Arild Husby and Henrik Jensen  and was funded by grants from the Norwegian Research Council and CBD. 29 researchers from 9 countries across Europe and N-America attended the workshop. Participants ranged from PhD-students to well established, and internationally leading researchers within the field. The shared interest of all participants and the main focus of the discussion was how we best can make use of the recent development of genomics techniques to answer key questions in ecology, genetics, conservation and evolution of natural populations. There was large diversity in the topics of the talks. Fortunately, most participants mainly presented work in progress,. Combined with the informal atmosphere at the workshop this resulted in many fruitful discussions. Hopefully, this will contribute to the role that use of genomics techniques will play in increasing our understanding of fundamental processes in natural populations.

Thomas Haaland defends his MSc thesis (18.8.2015)
Monday August 24th Thomas Haaland will defend his MSc thesis and we will follow the new practice. He will therefore present his thesis at 12.00 in the CBD room, and you are all welcome to his talk: “A General Stochastic Dynamic Model of the Differential Allocation Hypothesis”.

Elida Aarstad Skøien defens her MSc thesis (18.08.2015)
On thursday August 27th Elida Aarstad Skøien will defend her MSc Thesis (from the LUR programme) in CBD room at 9:00. «Causes and Consequences of Breeding Synchrony in the Snow Bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis)".
Supervisors are Hansen, Fossøy, Ringsby.

PhD position in Evolutionary Ecology  (14.8.2015)
At the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, Department of Biology there is a PhD position available. The position is financed by The Norwegian Research Council and has a special responsibility for the project “Evolutionary Responses to Variable and Unpredictable Environments”. Read more about the position here >>.

Award to CBD-members (03.8.2015)
The CBD-members Steinar Engen, Russell Lande and Bernt-Erik Sæther were selected by the Wildlife Society as recipients of the 2015 Wildlife Publications Award for the paper "Evolutionary consequences of non-selective harvesting in density-dependent populations" published in the American Naturalist 184 (6): 714-726 in 2014. The Award will be presented during the Wildlife Society  22nd  Annual Conference in Winnipeg, Canada in October 2015.


Svalbard expedition with the sailboat Sillage (03.07.2015)
A one month expedition around Spitsbergen has just started, with the aim to collect samples and data for Mathilde Le Moullec's PhD and a new CBD project financed by Svalbards Environmental Protection Fund (B.B. Hansen). The goal of the latter project is to document current abundances and historical distributions of the  wild Svalbard reindeer and link this with meta-population genetics. The study system represents a unique opportunity to examine effects of bottlenecks due to excessive harvest and local extinctions, recolonisation, as well as climate-related migration barriers. Thus, current and ancient DNA (from old bones and antlers) will be collected in addition to distance sampling data for estimation of spatial densities. Mathilde will also collect plant samples for dendrochronological measures of past vegetation growth in relation to climate and grazing pressure. Other expedition members are Morgan Bender (field assistant) and the crew, Marie and Christophe. First stop is Sørkapp Land on Friday 3rd July, next stops will be on Edgeøya and Barentsøya.


Master student from Finland visiting CBD (10.06.2015)
Emma Marjakangas is a Master's student from Finland staying here at CBD for 3 months as an Erasmus intern. She is finishing up with her Master's degree and will graduate soon from University of Jyväskylä. During her internship she will analyze fungal community datasets in order to predict the species richness and population sizes of wood-inhabiting fungi in a Finnish boreal forest.


Video presentation of recent Oikos paper (10.04.2015)
A short video presentation of a recent paper from the REINCLIM project on Svalbard reindeer can be watched here. The paper by Aline M. Lee and coworkers is published in Oikos with the following title: "An integrated population model for a long-lived ungulate: more efficient data use with Bayesian methods".


More news from CBD here >>.

Next event

Tuesday Sept. 15th
Valeriya Komyakova, PhD candidate at The University of Melbourne lectures on "Ecological traps in the marine environment: implications for the design of artificial reefs".

Wednesday Sept. 16th
Workshop hosted by Olivia Langhamer and Petra Rodewald: "Mitigation measures of human induced impacts on marine ecosystems". Objectives and preliminary program here >>

More events here: >>

Visitors at CBD

August 24-26
Andrew Higginson,
NERC independent Researcher fellow at University of Bristol 

September 14-16
Valeriya Komyakova
PhD candidate,The University of Melbourne

Recent publications from CBD

Bleu, J., Herfindal, I., Loison, A., Kwak, A.M.G., Garel, M., Toïgo, C., Rempfler, T., Filli, F. & Sæther, B.-E. 2015
Age-specific survival and annual variation in survival of female chamois differ between populations. Oecologia (In press) >>

Bjørkvoll, E., Lee, A.M., Grøtan, V., Sæther, B.-E., Stien, A., Engen, S., Albon, S., Loe, L.E. & Hansen, B.B. 2015
Demographic buffering of life histories? Implications of the choice of measurement scale. Ecology (In press) >>

Chevin, L.-M., Visser, M.E. & Tufto, J. 2015
Estimating the variation, autocorrelation, and environmental sensitivity of phenotypic selection. Evolution (In press) >>

Tufto, J. 2015
Genetic evolution, plasticity and bet-hedging as adaptive responses to temporally autocorrelated fluctuating selection: A quantitative genetic model. Evolution (In press) >>

Gamelon, M., Gaillard, J.-M., Gimenez, O., Coulson, T., Tuljapurkar, S. & Baubet, E. 2015
Linking demographic responses and life history tactics from longitudinal data in mammals. Oikos (In press) >>

Lemaître, J.F.,  Vanpé, C., Plard, F., Pélabon, C. & Gaillard, J.M. 2015
Response to Packard: make sure we do not throw out the biological baby with the statistical bath water when performing allometric analyses. Biology Letters 11 (6):

Lemaître, J.F., Berger, V., Bonenfant, C., Douhard, M., Gamelon, M., Plard, F. & Gaillard, J.-M. 2015
Early-late life trade-offs and the evolution of ageing in the wild. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 282 (1806): 20150209 >>

Korpatsch, R., Melis, C., Stronen, A.V., Jensen, H. & Epplen, J.T. 2015
Molecular genetics of sex identification, breed ancestry and polydactyly in the Norwegian Lundehund breed. Journal of Heredity (In press) >>

Holand, H., Jensen, H., Tufto, J., Pärn, H., Sæther, B.-E. & Ringsby, T.H. 2015
Endoparasite infection has both short- and long-term negative effects on reproductive success of female house sparrows, as revealed by faecal parasitic egg counts. PLoS ONE 10 (5): e0125773 >>

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