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Frozen plants: CBD research in Gemini
A field experiment simulating extreme rain-on-snow events gives novel insigths into how high Arctic tundra vegetation responds to icing. Read the story in Gemini >>

The dapnia lab in "Under dusken"
Professor Sigurd Einum is interviewed about his dapnia lab in the NTNU student newspaper "Under dusken" >>

PNAS-paper recieved attention
A paper from CBD about allometry in fruit flies is covered in Gemini >>

Award to CBD-members
The Wildlife Publication Award 2015 to Engen, Lande and Sæther is covered in Universitetsavisa >>
and at the Wildlife Society web pages >>

The Dalechampia made it in a Dutch newspaper
Find the link to the original paper in functional Ecology here >>:

Olivia Langhamer interviewed at Statkraft 
The Interview for Statkraft: Gode naboer - På dypt vann. People & Power Nr. 14 (2014), p 31 (in Norwegian).
Read more at Statkraft.no

The Møbius prize
The Møbius prize to professors Sæther and Engen has recieved attention in Norwegian media:
Adressa >>
Universitetsavisa >>

NRK-program about Svalbard and extreme weather events
NRK will cover the article about Svalbard ecosystem recently publised in Science in a TV-program 7 February >>

Svalbard ecosystem attracts media
The study on climate events on Svalbard ecosystem recently published in Science has received interests among media.
Science Daily >>
Die Welt >>
Spiegel >>
Aftenposten >>
NRK >>
Adressa >>

Feature article about Darwin >>
Dr. Hanno Sandvik has written a feature article about Darwin and some of his political opinions in relation to his biological theories.

Concern about inbred island moose >>
Local managers raise concern about small island moose populations in northern Norway, which also are of interest to researchers at CCB.

Get a glimpse of the research at CCB >>
NRK has joined the house sparrow project in field, and learned how research at CCB addresses important questions related to environmental change.

The vision behind the Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics at NTNU is to develop an interdisciplinary centre for research into changes in time and space of biological diversity at different organismal levels.

CBD focuses on three primary research areas, in which we believe it is important to increase knowledge for the sustainable conservation of biodiversity in a changing world.

CBD includes researchers primarily from the following institutions:
Department of Biology, NTNU
NTNU University Museum
Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU
Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA)


PhD Candidate visiting CBD (24.05.2016)
PhD Rafaela NavesRafaela Naves is visiting CBD for 4 months (May-September) to develop parts of her thesis with supervision from Vidar Grøtan at CBD. Rafaela is a PhD candidate at the Department of Forest Sciences, University of São Paulo, Brazil. In her PhD project she wants to develop a better understanding of the effect of forest management for the purpose of timber supply in the tropical forest. During her stay at CBD her work is going to focus on studying how alternative logging practices could influence the tree community organization as well as the species abundance distribution. Rafaela’s broader research interests are forest biometrics, statistical modeling and tropical forest ecology.

New postdoc at CBD
Dr. Yimen Araya-Ajoy has joined CBD as a postdoc of the behaviour and evolution section in the department of biology. Yimen is an evolutionary ecologist with a background in behavioral ecology and quantitative genetics. He has worked with the social structure and acoustic communication of Ocellated Antbirds in Costa Rica and the behavior and mating strategies of Great Tits in Germany. At the NTNU, Yimen will be collaborating with Prof. Jon Wright on the project “'Life History Evolution in a Changing World: The Adaptive Alignment of Pace-of-Life Syndromes'” to find out how environmental variation shapes the life histories of House Sparrows.

New Ph.D Student
Dilan Saatoğlu has joined CBD as a Ph.D student and will work on a project which aims to understand ecological and evolutionary dynamics in time and space in natural populations supervised by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Henrik Jensen. In 2015 Dilan completed her MSc in population genetics and defended her master thesis entitled "Genetic Diversity of Gazelles (Gazella marica and Gazella gazella) in Southeast Turkey: with A Special Emphasis on Ongoing Conservation Studies of Gazella marica in Turkey". Her MSc-project was done in collaboration with Ministry of Forestry of Turkey and The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (Tübitak) in Middle East Technical University.

Postdoc Joost Raeyermaekers
Dr. Joost Raeymaekers has joined CBD as a postdoc of the Freshwater Ecology group. Joost is an evolutionary ecologist with a background in population genetics, adaptation and ecological speciation, eco-evolutionary dynamics, and host-parasite interactions in stickleback fishes, East-African cichlids, Darwin’s finches and water fleas. At NTNU Joost will be collaborating with Prof. Sigurd Einum on the project “Eco-evolutionary dynamics of thermal reaction norms” to find out how genetic variation and temperature influence the population dynamics of water fleas.

New project
The steering board of NORDFORSK has decided to fund the project " Warming up for warming Arctic – adaptation and management of Rangifer in Changing Arctic". CBD is  looking forward to be one of the Nordic research institutions involved in developing strategies for a sustainable management  of semi-domestic reindeer in a new climate. 

Postdoctoral position in evolutionary genomics
A two-year postdoctoral position in evolutionary genomics funded by a grant from the Norwegian Research Council to Assistant Professor Arild Husby is available at the Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics (CBD), Department of Biology, NTNU, Norway. Read more about the position here >>

PhD position available 

"Seeking a MSc-candidate who is highly motivated for a PhD study (4 years) on the effects of parasites on a wild host passerine, the house sparrow." Read more here >>

PhD position in Quantitative Ecology available (13.11.2015)
The PhD candidate will work on quantitatively oriented research questions in ecology, often involving estimating and predicting how different environmental drivers or various kinds of human activity affect population dynamics and/or community dynamics. A full description of the position is available here >> 

Erik Blystad Solbu - Defence of thesis 12 November 2015 (6.11.2015)
Erik Blystad Solbu has submitted his thesis entitled: «Modelling and statistical analysis of demographic and environmental changes in populations and communities»
in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of PhD in Mathematical Sciences at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU. More information here>>

CBD welcomes PhD student Thomas Haaland (03.11.2015)
Thomas Haaland has joined CBD as a Ph.D student on dr. Irja Ratikainen’s new project “Evolutionary responses to variable and unpredictable environments: Conditions, interactions and consequences”. Thomas completed his MSc in Biology with Irja and Prof. Jonathan Wright in August, entitled “A general stochastic dynamic model of the differential allocation hypothesis”, and will continue working on stochastic dynamic models as well as individual-based simulation models for his Ph.D. He will be looking at well known adaptations to variability within individual lifetimes such as insurance, asset-protection and variance-sensitivity, and how these change when maximizing fitness over evolutionary time if environmental conditions vary across generations.

More news from CBD here >>.

Next event

May 3rd at 12:00
Ian Renner from, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences,University of Newcastle, Australia will hold a lecture in the CBD meeting -room, titled "Species distribution modelling through point process models and extensions".

May 10th at 12:00
Michael David Martin, who has a Onsager-position at the NTNU University Museum, will give the talk  "Herbaria as genomic repositories: Case studies using ancient DNA"  in the meeting room at CBD.

More events here: >>

Visitors at CBD

  • Prof. Russ Lande visits CBD from April 27th to May 4th
  • Prof. Otso Ovaskainen will be at CBD from May 2nd to May 8th
  • Dr. Ian Renner, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Newcastle, Australia, April 30th to May 8th
  • Dr. Carlos Botero from Washington University St. Louis (US) will visit CBD from June 27th to July 1st

Recent publications from CBD

Pélabon, C.,  Hennet, L., Bolstad, G.H., Albertsen, E., Opedal, H.Ø., Ekrem, R.K. & Armbruster, W.S. 2016
Does stronger pollen competition improve offspring fitness when pollen load does not vary? American Journal of Botany 103 (3): 522-531 >>

Hilde, C.H., Pélabon, C., Guéry, L., Gabrielsen, G.W., & Descamps, S. 2016
Mind the wind: microclimate effects on incubation effort of an arctic seabird. Ecology and Evolution, 6: 1914-1921 >>

Foldvik, A., Einum, S., Finstad, A.G. & Ugedal, O. 2016
Linking watershed and microhabitat characteristics: effects on production of Atlantic salmonids (Salmo salar and Salmo trutta). Ecology of Freshwater Fish, in press >>

Lumley, A.J., Diamond, S.E., Einum, S., Yeates, S.E., Peruffo, D., Emerson, B.C. & Gage, M.J.G. 2016
Post-copulatory opportunities for sperm competition and cryptic female choice provide no offspring fitness benefits in externally fertilizing salmon. Royal Society Open Science 3: 150709 >>

Yashchenko, V., Fossen, E.I., Kielland, Ø.I. & Einum, S. 2016
Negative relationships between population density and metabolic rates are not general. Journal of Animal Ecology, in press >>

Milner, J., Varpe, Ø., van der Wal, R. & Hansen, B.B. 2016
Experimental icing affects growth, mortality, and flowering in a high Arctic dwarf shrub. Ecology and Evolution, in press >>

Engen, S. & Sæther, B.-E. 2016
Phenotypic evolution by distance in fluctuating environments: The contribution of dispersal, selection and random genetic drift. Theoretical Population Biology 109: 16-27 >>

Engen, S. & Sæther, B.-E. 2016
Spatial synchrony in population dynamics: The effects of demographic stochasticity and density regulation with a spatial scale. Mathematical Biosciences 274: 17-24 >>

Engen, S. & Sæther, B.-E. 2016
Optimal age of maturity in fluctuating environments under r- and K-selection. Oikos, in press >>

Bleu, J., Gamelon, M. & Sæther, B.-E. 2016
Reproductive costs in terrestrial male vertebrates: insights from bird studies. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 283 (1823):20152600 >>

Ruse, M.G., Hasselquist, D., Hansson, B., Tarka, M. & Sandsten, M. 2016
Automated analysis of song structure in complex birdsongs. Animal Behaviour 112 (1): 39-51 >>

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