New people at CBD (17.02.2017)
The last months several new PhD candidates have started at CBD. These will strengthen core research areas at CBD, and become part of strong research groups in ecology and evolution. Presentation of the new PhD candidates can be found here >>

New Postdoctor-postiton availible (16.02.2017)
Read more about the new availible position as at Postdoctor position in quantitative genetics/population ecology

CBD part of the kick-off of the new NV faculty at NTNU (09.01.2017)
Last Thursday the new Faculty of Natural Sciences (NV) at NTNU had its kick-off, with several interesting talks about the organisation, research and education, and future plans for the new faculty. CBD is proud to be hosted by the new faculty, and grateful for the opportunity to present our vision and strategies for our work as a centre of excellence at NTNU. Program and presentations from the kick-off can be found here.  

Sigurd Einum and the management of Atlantic salmon (13.12.2016)
Professor Sigurd Einum is appointed by the Environmental Agency of Norway as member of the Scientific Board for Salmon Management in Norway for the period 2017 to 2020. CBD congratulates Einum with this position, which we consider as an important contribution to a sustainable and knowledge-based management of Atlantic salmon in Norway.

New NFR-project to CBD (12.12.2016)
It is with great pleasure we notice that the Klimaforsk-programme in the Research Council of Norway has decided to fund the project "Evolution in a changing climate. The aim of the project will be to provide a new theoretical framework that enables us to analyse how fast phenotypes can adapt to climate change when subjected to stochastic variation in the environment as well as density dependence and will be headed by prof. B.-E. Sæther.

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March 7th: 
Håkon Holand will take about "Non-linear selection in semi-domestic reindeer."

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