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PNAS-paper recieved attention
A paper from CBD about allometry in fruit flies is covered in Gemini >>

Award to CBD-members in UA
The Wildlife Publication Award 2015 to Engen, Lande and Sæther is covered in Universitetsavisa >>

The Dalechampia made it in a Dutch newspaper
Find the link to the original paper in functional Ecology here >>:

Olivia Langhamer interviewed at Statkraft 
The Interview for Statkraft: Gode naboer - På dypt vann. People & Power Nr. 14 (2014), p 31 (in Norwegian).
Read more at Statkraft.no

The Møbius prize
The Møbius prize to professors Sæther and Engen has recieved attention in Norwegian media:
Adressa >>
Universitetsavisa >>

NRK-program about Svalbard and extreme weather events
NRK will cover the article about Svalbard ecosystem recently publised in Science in a TV-program 7 February >>

Svalbard ecosystem attracts media
The study on climate events on Svalbard ecosystem recently published in Science has received interests among media.
Science Daily >>
Die Welt >>
Spiegel >>
Aftenposten >>
NRK >>
Adressa >>

Feature article about Darwin >>
Dr. Hanno Sandvik has written a feature article about Darwin and some of his political opinions in relation to his biological theories.

Concern about inbred island moose >>
Local managers raise concern about small island moose populations in northern Norway, which also are of interest to researchers at CCB.

Get a glimpse of the research at CCB >>
NRK has joined the house sparrow project in field, and learned how research at CCB addresses important questions related to environmental change.

The vision behind the Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics at NTNU is to develop an interdisciplinary centre for research into changes in time and space of biological diversity at different organismal levels.

CBD focuses on three primary research areas, in which we believe it is important to increase knowledge for the sustainable conservation of biodiversity in a changing world.

CBD includes researchers primarily from the following institutions:
Department of Biology, NTNU
NTNU University Museum
Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU
Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA)


PhD position in Quantitative Ecology available (13.11.2015)
The PhD candidate will work on quantitatively oriented research questions in ecology, often involving estimating and predicting how different environmental drivers or various kinds of human activity affect population dynamics and/or community dynamics. A full description of the position is available here >> 

Erik Blystad Solbu - Defence of thesis 12 November 2015 (6.11.2015)
Erik Blystad Solbu has submitted his thesis entitled: «Modelling and statistical analysis of demographic and environmental changes in populations and communities»
in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of PhD in Mathematical Sciences at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU. More information here>>

WorkShop in Lund (6.11.2015)
In connection with the Evolution in Sweden meeting (Lund 13-14th of January 2016, http://www.evolutioninsweden.lu.se/) we are organizing a one-day workshop for PhD students on Friday 15th of January at SLU Alnarp; “How we can benefit from evolutionary biology in research related to management of natural resources.” (1.5 hp).
Talks by invited speakers will be combined with group discussions about how we can benefit from the use of evolutionary biology in research related to management of natural resources. We will focus on the particular subject areas “Applying insights from fundamental research on wild plant-natural enemy interactions to plant protection” and “Domestication and effects on useful non-target traits”, but are also welcoming new ideas from all participants. PhD students will present questions/ ideas related to their own research fields.

Invited speakers:
Anna-Liisa Laine, University of Helsinki, Finland
Ayco Tack, University of Stockholm, Sweden
Rieta Gols, Wageningen University, The Netherlands    

Click here or more information:

Register no later than 30st of November 2015 by sending an email to: asa.lankinen@slu.se

CBD welcomes PhD student Thomas Haaland (03.11.2015)
Thomas Haaland has joined CBD as a Ph.D student on dr. Irja Ratikainen’s new project “Evolutionary responses to variable and unpredictable environments: Conditions, interactions and consequences”. Thomas completed his MSc in Biology with Irja and Prof. Jonathan Wright in August, entitled “A general stochastic dynamic model of the differential allocation hypothesis”, and will continue working on stochastic dynamic models as well as individual-based simulation models for his Ph.D. He will be looking at well known adaptations to variability within individual lifetimes such as insurance, asset-protection and variance-sensitivity, and how these change when maximizing fitness over evolutionary time if environmental conditions vary across generations.

Postdoc position availible in evolutionary ecology (12.10.2015)
A 2-year Postdoc position is available at the Department of Biology. The position is financed by the Norwegian Research Council and has a special responsibility for the project “Eco-evolutionary dynamics of thermal reaction norms”. More information about the position here >>

Report from The workshop on “Mitigation measures of human induced impacts on marine ecosystems (6.10.2015)
The workshop on “Mitigation measures of human induced impacts on marine ecosystems” organized by the CBD-members Olivia Langhamer and Petra Rodewald was held September 16th at IBI. It was a rather small, but very interesting and constructive workshop where 15 researchers from different institutions in Norway (NTNU with IBI and Ind. Ecology, NINA, NIVA), from KVA in Sweden and from Melbourne University in Australia gathered. Read more about the workshop here >>.



PhD position in Eco-Evolutionary Genomics availible (10.9.2015)
The goal of this PhD project is to improve our understanding of ecological and evolutionary dynamics in time and space in natural populations. Read more about it here >>

CBD at the Arctic Ungulate Conference (7.9.2015)

CBD was well represented at the 17th Arctic Ungulate Conference in Røros, Norway, 17-21 August. The subject for the conference was "The past, the present, and the future". CBD contributed substantially through several talks and posters, which included presentations of work on Svalbard reindeer by Larissa Beumer, Bart Peeters and Mathilde Le Moullec.





New researcher at CBD (2.9.2015)

Dr. Tim Burton is a biologist with a broad interest in the causes and consequences of phenotypic variation.
Using experimental approaches in both the field and laboratory he has addressed a range of questions concerning how environmental conditions both in previous generations and in early life can generate phenotypic differences in physiology, behaviour and growth/reproduction.
At NTNU Tim will be collaborating with Prof Sigurd Einum to investigate, using the clonally reproducing crustacean Daphnia magna as an experimental model, how animals respond to changing patterns of environmental variability in both the short and long term. 

CBD Annual report 2014 is availible (31.08.2015)
Read the report here>>

More news from CBD here >>.

Next event

November 27.
Erik Blystad Solbu will hold a seminar in the CBD lunch room at 12:00, entitled:
"Characteristics of temporal changes in communities where individual dynamics may vary among species"

January 19-21
SAB-meeting 2016

More events here: >>

Visitors at CBD

November 24 -28th
Francisco Javier Cao Garcia, University of Madrid

November 27- 30
Arild Husby, Assistant Professor, Department of Biosciences, University of Helsinki

Recent publications from CBD

Tarka, M., Bolstad, G.H., Wacker, S., Räsänen, K., Hansen, T.F. & Pélabon, C. 2015
Did natural selection make the Dutch taller? A cautionary note on the importance of quantification in understanding evolution. Evolution, In press >>

Anderwald, P., Herfindal, I., Haller, R.M., Risch, A.C., Schütz, M., Schweiger, A.K. & Filli, F. 2015
Influence of migratory ungulate management on competitive interactions with resident species in a protected area. Ecosphere 6 (11): art228 >>

Tarka, M., Hansson, B. & Hasselquist, D. 2015
Selection and evolutionary potential of spring arrival phenology in males and females of a migratory songbird. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 28 (5): 1024-1038 >>

Asghar, M., Bensch, S., Tarka, M., Hansson, B. & Hasselquist, D. 2015
Maternal and genetic factors determine early life telomere length. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 282: 20142263 >>

Bourguignon, L., Crochet, J.-Y., Capdevila, R., Ivorra, J., Antoine, P.-O., Agustí, J., Barsky, D., Blain, H.-A.,Boulbes, N., Bruxelles, L., Claude, J., Cochard, D., Filoux, A., Firmat, C., Lozano-Fernández, I., Magniez, P., Pelletier, M., Rios-Garaizar, J., Testu, A., Valensi, P., De Weyer, L. 2015
Bois-de-Riquet (Lézignan-la-Cèbe, Hérault): A late Early Pleistocene archeological occurrence in southern France. Quaternary International (In press) >>

Heggøy, O., Christensen-Dalsgaard, S., Ranke, P.S., Chastel, O. & Bech, C. 2015
GPS-loggers influence behaviour and physiology in the black-legged kittiwake Rissa tridactyla. Marine Ecology Progress Series 521: 273-284 >>

Pelabon, C., Albertsen, E., Falahati-Anbaran, M. & Armbruster, W.S. 2015
Does multiple paternity affect seed mass in angiosperms? An experimental test in Dalechampia scandens. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 28 (9): 1719-1733 >>

Pélabon, C., Hennet, L., Strimbeck, R., Johnson, H. & Armbruster W.S. 2015
Blossom colour change after pollination provides carbon for developing seeds. Functional Ecology, 29 (9): 1137–1143. >>

Bolstad, G.H., Cassara, J.A., Márquez, E., Hansen, T.F., van der Linde, K., Houle, D. & Pélabon, C. 2015
Complex constraints on allometry revealed by artificial selection on the wing of Drosophila melanogaster. PNAS (In press) >>

Solbu, E.B., Engen, S. & Diserud, O.H. 2015
Guidelines when estimating temporal changes in density dependent populations. Ecological Modelling 313: 355-376 >>

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