People at CBD


Collaborative partners

  • Marcel Visser CTE Heteren, The Netherlands
  • Norman Owen-Smith University of Witwatersrand, S Africa
  • Jon Slate. University of Sheffield, UK
  • Rob Freckleton University of Sheffield, UK
  • Philip Hedrick Arizona State University, USA
  • Henri Weimerskirch CEBC-CNRS, Chizé, France
  • Henrik Andrén Grimsö Wildlife Research Station, Sweden
  • Charles Godfray Imperial College at Silwood Park, UK
  • Tim Coulson Imperial College London, UK
  • Philip Devries University of New Orleans, USA
  • Jean-Michel Gaillard CNRS, Lyon, France
  • Sondre Aanes, Norwegian Computing Center, Norway

Researchers and Post Doctors

PhD candidates

  • Sigrun Skjelseth
  • Stine Svalheim Markussen
  • Ane Marlene Myhre
  • Endre Grüner Ofstad
  • Øystein Hjorthol Opedal
  • Peter S. Ranke
  • Elena Albertsen
  • Øystein Kielland
  • Erlend I. Fossen
  • Mathilde Le Moullec
  • Bart Peeters
  • Thomas Haaland
  • Emma-Liina Marjakangas
  • Dilan Saatoglu
  • Semona Issa
  • Kate Layton Matthews 
  • Shelly Cao
  • Jonatan Fredricson Marquez
  • Michael Pepke Pedersen
  • Lara Veylit
  Other staff

New employees at CBD

PhD candidate Michael Pepke Pedersen PhD Candidate Michael Pepke Pedersen
CBD would like to welcome PhD student Michael Pepke, who is joining the House Sparrow Project to study the functional relationships between telomere dynamics and variation in life-history traits and population fluctuations. Michael did his M.Sc. at the University of Copenhagen on avian phylogenetics and island biogeography and he has a B.Sc. in molecular nanoscience. Michael will be supervised by Thor Harald Ringsby and this spring he will join Pat Monaghan’s group at the University of Glasgow to do his telomere analyses.

New PhD candidate: Jonatan Fredricson Marquez
CBD welcomes PhD student Jonatan Fredricson, who will study interspecific interactions in harvested marine and terrestrial systems under environmental fluctuations, such as those caused by climate change. Jonatan is Spanish/Swedish, took his B.Sc. at James Cook University and M.Sc. at Lund University, while joining DTU-aqua researchers during his thesis to study the effects that climate change had had on the North Sea fish community. Here at CBD he will work within the Sustain project with applied predictive models to investigate dynamics and interactions in ecological systems.  

CBD welcomes PhD candidate Shelly Cao
CBD are happy to welcome PhD student Shelly Cao supervised by  Prof. Dr. Jarle Tufto.  Shelly completed a Bachelor degree in Information and Computing Science at Wuhan University of Technology in 2010 and a Master degree in Statistics from KU Leuven in 2016 writing her master thesis on model averaging for high-dimensional regression models.  At CBD she will use state space modelling to estimate patterns of fluctuating selection and evolutionary responses to such fluctuations in age-structured populations using long-term time-series data.

Nils Christian Stenseth
CBD is happy to present Professor Nils Christian Stenseth, University of Oslo, as member of the centre, where he will hold a professor II position as part of NTNU's programme to promote excellence in science. Prof. Stenseth is the chair of the CoE Centre of Evolutionary and Ecological Synthesis (CEES) at the University of Oslo, where he over several decades have established one of the international leading research centres within ecology and evolution. Prof. Stenseth's research should be widely known, being one of the most cited researchers within ecology and evolution. At CBD his principal focus will be to initiate research on evolution of virulence and immunity. A peak into some of his main research activity can be found by visiting his home page at the CEES or the CEES web page.

01.09.2016 Jostein Gohli
CBD welcomes Dr. Jostein Gohli. His own presentation: I am an evolutionary biologist by training, whose two major research interests are 1) the link between micro- and macroevolution, and 2) the link between ecology and macroevolution. To examine questions within these areas I rely mainly on genomics and phylogenetic comparative methods. I generally find projects and systems I know little about to be the most exciting – my greatest desire is to learn, my greatest fear is the pigeonhole. During my stay at CBD, I will work for Henrik Jensen and Arild Husby with identifying the molecular basis for polygenic adaptive evolution of house sparrow morphometry.

01.09.2016 Russel Lande
We are happy to announce that Russell Lande  on September 1 2016 started as an International Chair professor in a 100 % position at CBD. This position is a part of a program to enhance excellence in science, aimed to attract internationally leading scientists to NTNU. Lande has previously been employed as professor II at the NT-faculty. Lande is one of the world's leading evolutionary biologists, who has produced important contributions in many fields of biology. His research profile therefore fits very well with the cross-disciplinary research focus at CBD.

15.08.2016 Aline Magdalena Lee
Dr. Aline Magdalena Lee is an ecologist with a particular interest in combining theoretical modeling and empirical data analysis to uncover the mechanisms behind patterns seen in natural populations. She obtained her PhD here at the center and has recently completed a three year Marie Curie IOF project studying effects of nonbreeders on population dynamics, carried out at the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. At CBD Aline will be studying effects of environmental stochasticity and trophic interactions in multi-species, harvested systems as part of the SUSTAIN project.