People at CBD


Collaborative partners

  • Marcel Visser CTE Heteren, The Netherlands
  • Norman Owen-Smith University of Witwatersrand, S Africa
  • Jon Slate. University of Sheffield, UK
  • Rob Freckleton University of Sheffield, UK
  • Philip Hedrick Arizona State University, USA
  • Henri Weimerskirch CEBC-CNRS, Chizé, France
  • Henrik Andrén Grimsö Wildlife Research Station, Sweden
  • Charles Godfray Imperial College at Silwood Park, UK
  • Tim Coulson Imperial College London, UK
  • Philip Devries University of New Orleans, USA
  • Jean-Michel Gaillard CNRS, Lyon, France
  • Sondre Aanes, Norwegian Computing Center, Norway

Researchers and Post Doctors

PhD candidates

Other staff

Roedeer by Per Harald Olsen