Background and activities

About me

I am a researcher at the Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics (CBD). I have a wide field of interest within behavioural and evolutionary ecology. 

I work both empirically and theoretically to answer questions about how organisms adapt to variable and unpredictable environments. When we improve our understanding of how animals and plants adapt to variable environments we will also be better able to predict how they will cope with a changing environment in the future.

I am listed among NTNUs expert lists for journalists, and I am happy to answer questions from journalists or others.


I am responsible for the course Nature, Environment and Sustainability (BI2081) If you have any questions regarding this course you are welcome to send me an email.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Lee, Aline Magdalena; Ratikainen, Irja Ida. (2020) kommensalisme. Store norske leksikon ( 2020).
  • Ratikainen, Irja Ida. (2020) Bergmanns regel. Store norske leksikon ( 2020).
  • Ratikainen, Irja Ida. (2020) imprinting - biologi. Store norske leksikon ( 2020).