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The Department of Biology offers a wide variety of research areas including behaviour, evolution, ecology, environmental toxicology, marine sciences, physiology and molecular systems. Interdisciplinary research and cooperation are important parts for the department. The Norwegian institute for nature research (NINA) and SINTEF and other NTNU departments are essential partners.

Research sections

Research sections

Research sections

Animal Physiology

Research activities within the section address various biological questions like energetics in fishes and birds, chemical communication in insects and plants responding to climatic change.

CBD - Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics (SFF/CoE)

The vision behind the Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics at NTNU is to develop an interdisciplinary centre for research into changes in time and space of biological diversity at different organismal levels.

Cell and Molecular Biology

Research activities within the section address various biological questions involving single cell as well as multicellular organisms and use a large range of different technologies.

Environmental Toxicology

The research activities in ENVITOX span from genotoxicity, molecular and cellular toxicology and pollutant effects on fish, amphibians, free ranging marine mammals and birds, including Arctic species.

Marine Sciences

The Marine Sciences research section is focused upon sustainable management, production and utilisation of biological marine resources.

Multiscale Biology

The Multiscale Biology research section studies biological processes from molecule to ecosystems. Much of our research focus on plants and how processes within plants scale up to effects on ecosystems.


SFF/CoE Centre of Excellence

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Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics (CBD)


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