Multiscale Biology

Multiscale Biology

– From molecule to ecosystems

The Multiscale Biology research group started in 2019 and studies biological processes from molecule to ecosystems. Much of our research focus on plants and how processes within plants scale up to effects on ecosystems.

The professors in the group are working within the following research areas:

  • Molecular and cell biology
  • Systems biology
  • Ecophysiology
  • Population and community dynamics
  • Ecosystems and how the ecosystems are impacted by humans and can be used sustainably.

Research areas

(PI: Richard Strimbeck)

Ecosystem Conservation
(PI: Eivin Røskaft)

Freshwater Ecology
(PI: Ole Kristian Berg)

Functional Plant Biology
(PI: Thorsten Hamann)

Plant Biodiversity and Conservation
(PI: Lars Söderström)

Plant Ecology
(PI: Bente J. Graae)

Systems Biology
(PI: Martin Kuiper)

Education and collaboration

In keeping with our broad research profile, members of the group engage in teaching introductory and advanced courses in molecular biology, taxonomy and systematics, plant physiology and ecophysiology, community and ecosystem ecology, conservation biology, systems biology, and global change biology. The main teaching expertise of the group is in terrestrial plant biology at all levels, but with some group members teaching freshwater ecology and systems biology. Students in our courses engage in lab, field, and writing projects.

We collaborate in supervising Master’s and PhD students amongst ourselves and with co-supervisors in the department, university museum, other Norwegian universities and research agencies, and colleagues in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia, with ample opportunities for students to study and do research projects abroad.


Employees in Multiscale Biology