Multiscale Biology

– From molecule to ecosystems

The Multiscale Biology research group started in 2019 and studies biological processes from molecule to ecosystems. Much of our research focus on plants and how processes within plants scale up to effects on ecosystems.

The professors in the group are working within the following research areas:

  • Molecular and cell biology
  • Systems biology
  • Ecophysiology
  • Population and community dynamics
  • Ecosystems and how the ecosystems are impacted by humans and can be used sustainably.

Research areas

Functional Plant Biology
(PI: Thorsten Hamann)

Systems Biology
(PI: Martin Kuiper)

Freshwater ecology
(PI: Ole Kristian Berg)

Plant ecology
(PI: Bente J. Graae)

Ecosystem conservation
(PI: Eivin Røskaft)

Plant biodiversity and conservation
(PI: Lars Söderström)