Background and activities

I did my Ph.D. at University of Copenhagen in 2000, and thereafter I spent 3 years at Arctic Station, Disko, Greenland, and 5 years at Climate Impatcs Research Centre, Abisko, Northern Sweden before moving to Trondheim. I study plant performance, community dynamics and productivity, and carbon fluxes and stocks in vegetation - all in response to different environmental drivers. Most of my work has been carried out in Arctic-alpine ecosystems, temperate-boreal forests and tropical savanna and the research focuses on how plant and plant community dynamics are responding to changes in climate, land use history and grazing. I work mostly in the field but can also be seen in the lab or greenhouse when needed. I right now work within three networks:

the Horizon 2020 project AfricanBioServices where I lead the work package on drivers of change in biodiversity and ecosystem function in the Greater Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem (Tanzania and Kenya). See more here:

the Fleur network studying the impact of climate change to forest herbs along a latitudinal gradient from France to Northern Sweden see

the ECOSHRUB network studying the effect of shrub encroachment on community dynamics and ecosystem processes in alpine tundra see

In my group you also find:

Post doc: Stuart Smith

Ph.D. students: Kristin Odden Nystuen and Ronja Wedegärtner

and I cosupervise the Ph.D. students Koen Kuipers and Anders Kolstad

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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