Cell and Molecular Biology

Cell and Molecular Biology


Research activities within the Cell and Molecular Biology section address various biological questions involving single cell as well as multicellular organisms and use a large range of different technologies.


Community interactions. Illustration

The section is located in Realfagbygget on the Gløshaugen campus of NTNU. It consists of around 40 MSc / PhD students, postdoctoral scientists, researchers, engineers and professors. Approximately 30% of the section members are coming from different countries.

Below is a brief overview introducing the individual units forming the section and summarizing their respective research interests.


Research groups

The Cell, Molecular Biology and Genomics
(PI: Atle Bones)

Lipid Signaling
(PI: Berit Johansen)

Genome Editing
(PI: Per Winge)


Sletvik retreat



Video from the MSB Group's excursion to the department field station Sletvik, August 2015