Faculty of Natural Sciences

PhD in Biology

Department of Biology offers a PhD-programme in Biology, aimed at providing an organized education and training in research. The main aim of the PhD-education is to produce a thesis based on supervised research activity, the results of which are publishable in internationally recognised journals.

The main areas of research at the Department of Biology are aquaculture, ethology, evolutionary biology, Environmental toxicology, physiology, marine biology, molecular biology, natural resource management and general ecology. The scientific fields of the PhD-thesis will be closely related to ongoing research within any of these fields. Research at the department is internationally oriented, and the students will often work in larger groups involving both national and international collaborators.

Subject Areas

A more detailed description of ongoing research activities at the department can be found at the Department of Biology.



Degree: Philosophiae doctor (PhD)
Duration: 3 years, 180 ECTS
Programme code: PHBI
Language of instruction: English

City: Trondheim
Faculty: Faculty of Natural Sciences
Department: Department of Biology
Contact person: Maja C. Haaker