Trondhjem Biological Station (TBS)

Trondhjem Biological Station (TBS)

Trondhjem Biological Station (TBS). Photo


TBS is the University's centre for marine biological research;

The Trondhjem Biological Station (TBS) research facilities include 600 m2 of wet lab space, 800 m2 of well equipped standard laboratories, and a constant supply of sea water from 100 m depth.

The offices and laboratory building are situated directly at the Trondheimsfjord, 6 km from the two main campuses, and 3 km from the city centre. The station houses four temperature-controlled rooms, several 1 m3-tanks, a large outdoor basin and two research vessels. The pier right in front of the station makes it convenient to handle sampled materials between the vessels and the laboratories.

The marine sciences research group has the disposal of Gunnerus Research Vessel at NTNU and a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), named "Minerva", which are both important components in research and educational activities.

More information about marine biological research at TBS.


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