Gunnerus Research Vessel

Gunnerus Research Vessel

Gunnerus main pic

Gunnerus R/V

NTNU's research vessel, R/V Gunnerus, was put into operation in spring 2006.

Gunnerus is equipped with the latest technology for a variety of research activities within biology, chemistry, technology, geology, archaeology, oceanography and fisheries research. In addition to research, the ship is mainly used for educational purposes and is an important platform for marine courses at all levels and disciplines.

The ship is fitted with a dynamic positioning system and a HiPap 502 unit, optimal for sub-surface positioning of any deployed equipment, and for ROV operations.

Non-university companies may also use this vessel.

Check for available days in our cruise-calendar. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding the ship or just need help in planning a cruise.

Gunnerus video


Field trip in Tosenfjord




Prices for cruises reflects the subsidies received from the Principals office.

Gunnerus normally operates from 0800 - 2000 (long day), but may also be booked for a short day, from 0800 - 1530 (+/- 15 minutes depending on summer/winter).

Cruise pricing for R/V Gunnerus
Type of cruise Short day Long day
External (non NTNU user) 45000 NOK 65000 NOK
BOA projects (NTNU + others) 35000 NOK 50000 NOK
Internal research projects 8000 NOK 12000 NOK
Internal education 4000 NOK 6000 NOK
Meals are served on board:    
Lunch 80 NOK/pers  
Dinner (only long days) 85 NOK/pers  
Work-boat (max 10 pers) 700 NOK/day + fuel
ROV (please contact the crew)