Gunnerus Research Vessel

Gunnerus Research Vessel

Gunnerus main pic

Gunnerus R/V

NTNU's research vessel, R/V Gunnerus, was put into operation in spring 2006.

Gunnerus is equipped with the latest technology for a variety of research activities within biology, chemistry, technology, geology, archaeology, oceanography and fisheries research. In addition to research, the ship is mainly used for educational purposes and is an important platform for marine courses at all levels and disciplines.

The ship is fitted with a dynamic positioning system and a HiPap 502 unit, optimal for sub-surface positioning of any deployed equipment, and for ROV operations.

Non-university companies may also use this vessel.

Check for available days in our cruise-calendar. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding the ship or just need help in planning a cruise.

Projects and collaboration

Projects and collaboration


RV Gunnerus is developing an e-infrastructure in collaboration with colleagues at the Faculty of Engineering. This project will gather the many data streams from sensors installed on Gunnerus and make them available to users. These data are of great potential benefit for researchers interested in ship performance and makes Gunnerus a valuable platform for such research. More information about this project.

Underwater robotics

RV Gunnerus is an excellent platform for working with ROVs and AUVs. We collaborate with NTNUs Applied Underwater Robotics Laboratory (AURLab), which maintains a fleet of robotic platforms for marine research. RV Gunnerus is especially adapted to host AURLab's ROV Minerva with a custom-built hangar and A-frame. If you wish to work with underwater robots on board Gunnerus we recommend contacting AURLab to find a suitable vehicle for your project. More information about AURLab.

Prices in 2024

Prices in 2024

All prices are given in NOK for a standard 12 hour cruise day (08:00 - 20:00).

Type of project

Commissioned (oppdragsprosjekt) and external: 88 000

NTNU projects / courses: 76 000

Other services

Additional crew*: 6 500

Work boat**: 750 + fuel

Accommodation and meals (per person)

Overnight accommodation***: 250

Lunch: 120

Dinner: 160

* Some operations require additional crew. Contact us to find out more.

** The work boat is included in the price of a cruise, but can be booked seperately for this price.

*** Including breakfast. Only a limited number of bunks are available (8-15). 

Contact us for prices from 2025 onwards if required for budget purposes. 

​​​​​​​Last minute bookings

​​​​​​​Last minute bookings

Available cruise days may be booked on an hour by hour basis, for example for mobilising or collecting equipment or samples in advance of cruises, up to one week ahead of time. The availability of cruises shorter than 12 hours cannot be guaranteed with more than one week’s notice, as bookings for full cruise days are prioritised.

Terms for last minute booking:

  • The price for internal users is:
    • 6 400 NOK / hour (08-15 Local time)
    • 9 600 NOK/ hour (15-20 Local time)
  • The price for external users is:
    • 7 400 NOK / hour (08-15 Local time)
    • 11 000 NOK / hour (15-20 Local time)
  • The number of hours is counted from departure until the vessel is moored at Trondheim harbour, + 30 minutes turnaround-time
  • If the booking doesn’t entail sailing the hours are counted by the captain/officer in charge of Gunnerus.
  • All other terms and conditions for full cruise days apply.

To request a last minute booking contact coordinator of Gunnerus, Inger Jennings.