Taskforce salmon lice

Taskforce salmon lice

– spread and infection mechanisms of sea lice in sea based aquaculture and wild populations of salmonids

Taskforce salmon lice is a R&D project organised as a PhD program at NTNU. The overall objective of the program is to establish fundamental knowledge on how sea lice infest farmed salmon and the mechanisms of how the parasites spread within and between farmed and wild populations of salmonids.

The general research strategy is to establish knowledge based on ecological, metabolic and molecular/genetic methods to characterise interactions between parasite and host (sea lice and salmonids).

The program is organised in three areas:

  • Internal infection of sea lice within and between salmon farms
  • Interactions between farmed and wild salmonids
  • Infestation mechanisms and genetic tracing

The project consists of three parts: one part funded by aquaculture companies in Mid-Norway, one funded by FHF, and one by NTNU.

Upcoming event:

Seminar, Friday 25 October 2019

Interaction in the ocean: Seminar on marine chemical ecology

The seminar is relevant for: fish health personnel, marine biologists, marine chemists and others working with the ocean.

Chemical signals are important parts of the interaction between organisms in the ocean, and is very common in all organism groups, from bacteria to crustaceans and fish. This also applies to interactions between the salmon louse and its host fish. Research on how individuals use chemical components will therefore give us a better understanding of, for instance, life cycle and infection mechanisms of the salmon louse.

To this seminar we have invited speakers from international research communities working with marine chemical ecology; some with salmon lice and some with other types of organisms. At the seminar you will learn more about the research and how it can affect our knowledge about organisms in the ocean and in aquaculture sites.


Location: Powerhouse, Brattørkaia 17, Trondheim

Time: 25 October 2019, 09:00-15:00

The seminar is free and open to all interested. Please register here:

More information about speakers here:

The seminar is organized by the project Taskforce salmon lice at NTNU in cooperation with NTNU Oceans and Blue Competence Centre (BKS), Frøya