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NTNU Oceans

NTNU Oceans

NTNU's strategic research area on oceanic science and technology has the overall vision of contributing to sustainable exploration and utilisation of the ocean space. We aim to contribute to the knowledge, science and technology in key areas such as arctic, maritime, oceanic, energy, marine minerals, biomarine resources, arts, culture, ethics and social sciences.



Ingrid SchjølbergIngrid Schjølberg

Director NTNU Oceans

Maria Azucena Gutierrez GonzalezMaria Azucena Gutierrez

Coordinator NTNU Oceans


Alexandra NeytsAlexandra Neyts

Project Manager


Kjell O Skjølsvik

Kjell Olav Skjølsvik

Oceans Innovation Leader


 Anastasios LekkasAnastasios Lekkas

NTNU Oceans Europe


Christina HellevikChristina Hellevik

NTNU Oceans Ålesund


News and events

Ocean Week

Ocean Week 2019

6, 7, 8 May - Trondheim; 9 May - Ålesund