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NTNU Oceans

NTNU Oceans

NTNU Oceans

NTNU Oceans generates and supports key research activities on maritime transport – autonomous ships; deep-ocean research; polar science and technology; sustainable seafood and marine bio resources; marine minerals and renewables; marine environment, society and sustainability.

Through its research and outreach activities (i.e. Ocean Week), NTNU Oceans contributes to Norway’s role as a maritime nation. NTNU Oceans’ School of Innovation and Innovation Leader strengthens a culture of innovation in maritime areas allowing researchers to reach their full potential.


NTNU Oceans' Pilot Programs

NTNU Oceans' Pilot Programs

- project addressing Risk, Reliability and Ice data in the Arctic marine environment

Read more about the pilot here

- developing new solutions for evaluation, exploration and extraction of sea-based minerals under societal responsibility for the environment and the international heritage of mankind.

Read more about the pilot here

- This project aims to establish a deeper knowledge base of the dynamic interplay between education, identity and society across three generations in coastal communities in five countries.

Read more about the pilot here

- The pilot programme will increase the knowledge base of how aquaculture affects the environment and how the environment can affect aquaculture. This pilot programme is in collaboration with NTNU Sustainability. 

Read more about the program here

- HAVANSVAR Humanities Ocean Initiative. A research programme addressing ethical, cultural, communicative, narrative and historic dimensions of ocean related research and innovation.

Read more about the program here

OPTiMAT is a comprehensive project dealing with marine food resources through the value chain from catching to consumer´s table.

Read more about OPTiMAT here

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Ocean Week

Ocean Week

Ingrid Schjølberg

Ingrid SchjølbergIngrid Schjølberg

Director NTNU Oceans


Alexandra Neyts

Alexandra NeytsAlexandra Neyts

Project Manager


Maria Azucena Gutierrez Gonzalez

Maria Azucena Gutierrez GonzalesMaria Azucena Gutierrez

NTNU Oceans Coordinator


Kjell Olav Skjølsvik

Kjell O Skjølsvik

Kjell Olav Skjølsvik

Oceans Innovation Leader


Kristoffer Jan Zieba

Krzysztof Jan Zieba Kristoffer Jan Zieba

 Oceans School of Innovation
+47 968 433 55

Christina Hellevik

Christina HellevikChristina Hellevik

NTNU Oceans Ålesund


Sigmund Bolme

Sigmund Bolme




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