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NTNU Oceans

NTNU Oceans generates and supports key research activities on maritime transport – autonomous ships; deep-ocean research; polar science and technology; sustainable seafood and marine bio resources; marine minerals and renewables; marine environment, society and sustainability.

Through its research and outreach activities (i.e. Ocean Week), NTNU Oceans contributes to Norway’s role as a maritime nation. NTNU Oceans’ School of Innovation and Innovation Leader strengthens a culture of innovation in maritime areas allowing researchers to reach their full potential.


Ocean Week

Ocean Week 2019

6, 7, 8 May - Trondheim /// 9 May - Frøya & Hitra /// 9 May - Ålesund

Ingrid SchjølbergIngrid Schjølberg

Director NTNU Oceans


Alexandra NeytsAlexandra Neyts

Project Manager


Maria Azucena Gutierrez GonzalesMaria Azucena Gutierrez

NTNU Oceans Coordinator


Kjell O Skjølsvik

Kjell Olav Skjølsvik

Oceans Innovation Leader


Krzysztof Jan Zieba Krzysztof Jan Zieba

 Oceans School of Innovation
+47 968 433 55

Christina HellevikChristina Hellevik

NTNU Oceans Ålesund


Sigmund Bolme