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Ocean Week 2018 /// Oceans in Change



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OPEN from February 9 to May 4.

Main Venue: Clarion Hotel & Congress. Brattørkaia 1, Trondheim, Norway.

Venue 2: Parallel session 4, Tuesday & Wednesday - Maritime Robotics. Brattørkaia 11, Trondheim, Norway.

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Ocean Week - Program

Climate change affects the oceans, the coast, its people and infrastructure.
As the world population grows, so does the need for food, new energy resources, new blue technologies & jobs.
How can Blue Technology contribute?
What is Norway's role as a Sea Nation?
Aquaculture, Ethics and how to feed the world; Plastics in our Oceans; Deep Sea Mining; Surveillance of Oceans; Autonomous Ships...

These and more topics await.


Ocean Week - Speakers



Ocean Week - Workshop

Innovation Norway,
in collaboration with
Ocean Week and Engage SFU
offers a unique opportunity to Business representatives, Researchers and M.Sc. Students to gather with the sole purpose of finding innovative solutions to the global problems of Plastics in the Ocean.

Interested? Contact Us!
Background and other Information

Be part of creating new
Knowledge for a Better World.


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