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OCEAN WEEK 2021 // May 3 – 5 // TRONDHEIM //

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Ocean Week is the annual conference hosted by NTNU Oceans, one of NTNU’s four strategic research areas, and the conference is a vital part in NTNU’s work to contribute to Norway’s role as an ocean nation. As the signature event of NTNU Oceans, the purpose of Ocean Week is to lay foundations for groundbreaking interdisciplinary ocean research. Our contributors and partners help to make the event a success every year. 

Our Oceans are a crucial part of life on this Earth.  The waters connect us all across boundaries and ecosystems. Yet they are rapidly changing, and ocean science must keep up in order to deal with the complex challenges ahead. For Ocean Week 2021, we examine the global movement of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development through a national perspective, and ask the question: “How can NTNU, Trondheim, and Norway contribute to achieving the UN goals for sustainable oceans?” To help answer this, we gather researchers, scientists and innovators from NTNU, SINTEF and other partners within Norway.   

Ocean Week will engage participants with presentations and discussions that aim to inform and to inspire. We invite researchers, policymakers and engaged citizens to take part in shaping ‘the science we need for the Ocean we want.’ 



13.00-13.15          Welcome, Director of NTNU Oceans, Siri G. Carson

Opening talk, NTNU Rector Anne Borg

Moderator: Stian Sandø

13.15-13.30          The Ocean Panel and the Ocean Decade, Prime Minister Erna Solberg

13.30-14.00          What is the Ocean Decade and How do we Reach the Goals?

Dialogue between Peter Haugan (HI) and Siri G. Carson (NTNU)

14.00-14.30         Music performance + coffee break/digital poster session

14.30-15.15          Success Criteria for the Ocean Decade

                               14.30-14.40           Digitalizing the Ocean, Ingrid Schjølberg (NTNU)

14.40-14.50           Protecting the Ocean, Mimmi Throne-Holst (Sintef)

14.50-15.00           Collaborating for the Ocean, Annik M. Fet (NTNU Ålesund)

15.00-15.15           Panel discussion

15.15-15.30         European Green Deal and the Ocean Decade, Andreea Strachinescu, Head of Unit, Responsible for Maritime Innovation, Marine Knowledge and Investment Unit, DG MARE

15.30-15.45         Governing the Ocean in a Sea of Uncertainty, Kristina Gjerde, Senior High Seas Advisor, IUCN GMPP

15.45-16.00          Q&A + closing comments

09.00-09.10          Welcome and practical info

09.10-10.10          Blue Technology for the Future – New Regional Infrastructure and Innovation Projects

09.10-09.15           Intro film

09.15-09.30         New Ocean Space Infrastructure – on Land and at Sea, Vegar Johansen (SINTEF)

09.30-09.40          SFI Autoship, Mary Ann Lundteigen (NTNU)

                                09.40-09.50          SFI Blues, Vegard Ø. Aksnes (SINTEF)

                                09.50-10.00          SFI Harvest, Ingunn Holmen (SINTEF)

                                10.00-10.10          FME NorthWind, John O. Tande (SINTEF)

10.10-10.30         Regional Importance of Blue Innovation

Dialogue between County Mayor of Trøndelag Tore O. Sandvik and Toril Hernes (NTNU)

10.30-11.00          Coffee break/digital poster session

11.00-11.15          The Role of Data and Technology in Saving the Ocean, Nina Jensen (REV-Ocean)

11.15-11.30          Oceans’ Future towards 2050, Bente Pretlove (DNV)

11.30-12.00:        The Technology we Need for the Ocean we Want,

Panel with Asgeir Sørensen (NTNU IMT), Bård Skjelstad (Scale Aq), Marianne Ryghaug (NTNU KULT), Øyvind Smogeli (Zeabuz), Vibeke S. Nørstebø (SINTEF)

12.00-12.15          Q&A + closing comments

09.00-09.05          Welcome, Moderator & Siri Granum Carson (NTNU Oceans)

09.05-09.15         Strategic Positioning of Norway in Ocean Research – in EU and Globally, Alexandra Bech-Gjørv (SINTEF)

09.15-09.35          The Ocean in Horizon Europe, Sigi Gruber (EC)

09.35-09.50          Lessons for Norway, Kathrine Angell Hansen (NFD)

09.50-10.00         Lessons for NTNU, Tor Grande (NTNU)

10.00-10.30         How to Succeed in Europe in the Coming Decade?

Panel with Tor Grande (NTNU), Massimo Busuoli (NTNU), Bård W. Tveiten (SINTEF) and Ingrid Utne (NTNU)

10.30-11.00          Coffee break/digital research gallery

11.00-11.15         Strategy for Ocean Research in Norway, Mari Sundli Tveit (NFR)

11.15-12.00         New Waves in Ocean Research – the Researchers’ Perspective

Panel with Thomas Brandt (NTNU), Knut Høyland (NTNU), Emlyn Davies (SINTEF), Eva Falch (NTNU), Steinar L. Ellefmo (NTNU), Jennifer Bailey (NTNU)

12.00-12.15          Q&A + closing comments



Conference Chair:

Siri Granum Carson

Conference Project Assistant:

Jennifer Baumann


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Partners Ocean Week

Previous Ocean Week Conferences

Previous Ocean Week Conferences

Ocean week is the annual conference hosted by NTNU Oceans, one of NTNU’s four strategic research areas, and the conference is a vital part in NTNU’s work to contribute to Norway’s role as an ocean nation.

Previous Ocean Weeks have received visits and contributions from leading scientists, artists, industry and business representatives, diplomats, politicians, activists, and even royalty when His Majesty King Harald V of Norway visited the conference in 2019.

At Ocean Week 2018 and Ocean Week 2019 around 300 participants each day followed more than 200 presentations where national and international speakers presented the latest developments on Ocean Sciences and discussed the impact that Ocean Research, technology, innovation, policy making & social tendencies has in our lives.

In addition to the sessions, daily stands, art exhibits, robotic demos and workshops provide a great networking arena for the companies and institutions represented.

More photos from previous conferences here.

Ocean Week Program 2018 here.

Ocean Week Program 2019 here.

Ocean Week highlights bilder

  • King Harald V with former director of NTNU Oceans, Ingrid Schjølberg. Photo: Lars R. Bang


  • Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza at Ocean Week 2019. Photo, Kristoffer Furberg, Universitetsavisa.
  • Technology demonstration at Ocean Week. Photo: Sigmund Grønlie Bolme
  • Nina Jensen at Ocean Week 2019. Photo: Lars R. Bang
  • Panel discussion at Ocean Week 2018.