Background and activities

I am a PhD student at the Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics and I have a broad interest in molecular ecology, ornithology, life-history evolution, phylogenetics and biogeography. In my PhD project, I investigate telomere dynamics and life-history trade-offs in populations of free-living (wild) house sparrows in northern Norway, where I do field work. I am collaborating with the University of Glasgow (telomere ecology), the University of Copenhagen (avian diversification) and the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (DNA barcoding).

I have an undergraduate background in nanoscience and a master in ecology and evolution from the University of Copenhagen. My PhD supervisor is Thor Harald Ringsby, co-supervisors are Thomas KvalnesHenrik Jensen and Jonathan Wright.

Contact me if you like avian insularity, telomere biology or are interested in master projects involving field work – projects range wide within ecology and eco-evolutionary dynamics; insects, parasites, feeding rates, ecophysiology.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Fjeldså, Jon; Jønsson, Knud A.; Kennedy, Jonathan D.; Marki, Petter Zahl; Pepke, Michael Le. (2020) Chapter 18: How species diversity accumulated over time. In: The Largest Avian Radiation. The Evolution of Perching Birds, or the Order Passeriformes. 2020. ISBN 978-84-16728-33-6.