Background and activities

Phd. candidate on the project "The role of energy budgets on eco-evolutionary feedback loops in natural bird populations" with Prof. Henrik Jensen, Ass. Prof. Clare Stawski, Dr. Bernt Rønning, Dr. Stefanie Muff and Dr. Katja Räsänen. The project merges quantitative genetics, population ecology and ecophysiology of house sparrows (Passer domesticus), investigating metabolic rates and its' genetic links to ecological traits. 


My research interests are:

Evolutionary biology

Quantitative genetics

Evolutionary, ecological and statistical modelling


Conservation biology



I teach on the courses Bi1002, Bi2017, Bi2080, Bi3082, Bi3083 and Bi3051. I have previously taught Norwegian vegetation and its' relation to geology and climate at Nord University.

I also have some experience with marine ecology and alpine/arctic ecology.