Background and activities


Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics (CBD)


Terrestrial arctic ecology: population dynamic, dendrochronology, community ecology (e.g. climate-plant-herbivore interactions), population genetic.


My Postdoc focus on cross-species spatial synchrony of arctic ecosystems and how temporal changes in spatial synchrony may be related to climate change. I also conduct vegetation experiments to anticipate changes of plant growth under warmer and wetter winters. Collaborators include NPI, NINA, Univ. of Iceland and Univ. Aberdeen. 


My Bachelor degree was from Lyon (UCBL), partly conducted on Svalbard (UNIS). My Master degree "Northern Population Ecosystems" was from Tromsø (UiT and Norwegian Polar Institute). I defended my PhD degree in Januray 2019 in Trondheim (NTNU) on "Spatiotemporal variation in abundance of key tundra species: from local heterogeneity to large-scale synchrony".