Background and activities


Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics (CBD)


Terrestrial arctic ecology: population dynamic, dendrochronology, community ecology (e.g. climate-plant-herbivore interactions), population genetic.


The Phd project focus on how climatic variation and large-scale weather patterns influence the long-term dynamics of high Arctic terrestrial ecosystems and the interactions among their key components (e.g. the Svalbard reindeer). Collaborators include NPI ,NINA and Univ. Aberdeen. Supervisors at CBD/NTNU are Brage Bremset Hansen and Bernt-Erik Sæther.


Undergraduate studies were conducted in Lyon (UCBL) and Svalbard (UNIS) for her Bachelor degree and in Tromsø (Uit) and Norwegian polar institute (NPI) for her Master degree in Northern Population Ecosystem.

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