Background and activities

I am an Australian researcher, just trying to survive in Norway, one winter at a time. I teach R, Bioegeography and freshwater ecology.

I run the website Ecology for the Masses and the podcast Cinematica Animalia.

My project is named ODYSSEUS. Young Hercules was taken. We investigate the effects of climate change and invasive species on native European fish communities. Together with institutes in Spain, France and Sweden, the project's end goal is to create decision making support tools for local organizations concerned with freshwater ecosystems management.

I also have a passion for mapping species distributions and stopping invasive species wherever they are. 

Contact me if you want to:

  • Learn how to use R
  • Learn how to model communities
  • Get your research talked about on Ecology for the Masses
  • Listen to a 15-minute rant on why kangaroos are bad
  • Learn a bit about biogeography

You can find me on twitter @samperrinNTNU