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I am currently engaged as a PhD student at the NTNU University Museum. My project will model spatial and temporal dynamics of plant and animal species and communities within terrestrial habitats along gradients of human impact/urbanization. Red-listed- and alien species and species important for ecosystem function are of special interest.  This project will focus on key questions for environmental sustainability, and the official aims are:

  • Investigate spatio-temporal patterns in biodiversity, especially among threatened and/or invasive species, or species of importance for ecosystem functioning
  • Investigate the effect of land use change on biodiversity
  • Provide suggestions for how to develop cities in a more sustainable fashion, with respect to biodiversity.


My research deals with the impact of urbanization on biodiversity, thus involving a variety of stakeholders. I am experienced in biological modelling, statistical data analyses, and in designing and conducting field studies in various conditions. I have both a great interest in and experience with macroecology, conservation, biodiversity and interdisciplinary work. 


  • Teacher, Slotshaven Gymnasium (Biology C, Mathematics A)
  • M.Sc. in Biology, University of Copenhagen, Section for Ecology and Evolution. Thesis title: “Zoochorous seed dispersal by red deer (Cervus elaphus): comparison of dung, fur and hooves”.
  • Exchange student, B.Sc. University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), Arctic Biology
  • B.Sc. in Biology, University of Copenhagen, Natural History Museum of Denmark (Geological Museum). Thesis title: “Fossil elasmobranch teeth (Chondrichthyes) from Angola, Western Africa”. 

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