A full life – all your life article

A full life – all your life: A project concerning the quality reform for the elderly

The Centre for Care Research (SOF) is a partner in the national support system for 'Living a Full Life.' We collaborate with the Directorate of Health (HDIR) and the Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS). The Centre for Care Research consists of five regional centres that jointly respond to the mission assigned by the Directorate of Health. In this assignment, the Centre for Care Research is to disseminate existing knowledge about the main areas of the reform:

  • An age-friendly Norway
  • Activity and community
  • Food and meals
  • Health services
  • Continuity in transitions
  • Governance and leadership, quality, and innovation

The knowledge is intended to be used by the regional support system, especially the Centre for Development of Institutional and Home Care Services (USHT). The Development Centres provide guidance to the municipalities in local change and improvement work, and the Centre for Care Research will assist the regional support system in their guidance efforts.

The Centre for Care Research has a process-oriented approach to the overall support function towards the regional support system. In other words, it is not the responsibility of the Centre for Care Research to provide guidance for the development of local planning in the municipalities. The Centre for Care Research's task is to provide the knowledge and assist the development centres in finding possible approaches.

The project is carried out on behalf of the Directorate of Health with a preliminary project period of two years, from January 2019 to January 2021. Knowledge summaries are written at each of the five centres for care research.

Frode F. Jacobsen is responsible for the summary on an age-friendly Norway, Marianne Eliassen is responsible for the summary on activity and community, Line Melby is responsible for the summary on food and meals, Betty-Ann Solvoll is responsible for the summary on health services, Terje Emil Fredwall is responsible for the summary on continuity in transitions, while Kathrine Cappelen, Siri Andreassen Devik, Nina Beate Andfossen, Liv Jorun Solstad, and Trude Hartvigsen share responsibility for the summary on governance and leadership, quality, and innovation. Karianne Orderdalen is the project manager along with Aud Obstfelder.


Contact person:

Aud Obstfelder, Professor

Centre for Care Research, East

Phone: 952 46 791

Email: aud.obstfelder@ntnu.no



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