Information Security and Privacy Management

Information Security and Privacy Management

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The activities of Information Security and Privacy Management group provide theoretical, empirical and clinical research results to modeling, measurement and management of information security. This knowledge is applicable to the community by answering questions on the site and come up with solutions to problems.

The group has a special responsibility towards NTNU´s course of study at Masters level in the field. The research by the group helps with a wide range of results on socio-technical system security, covering the social, psychological, legal, ethical, cultural, political and rhetorical education aspect. The group also covers the technical aspect of cyber and information security management.

Research in the group centers along 3 major themes: modeling, measuring , and managing. Theoretical and empirical research is carried out on information security management problems and solutions. Research work is also carried out in the area of security and privacy metrics which also included goverance and compliance issues. Action and applied bresearch is performed in the group to describe and understand the managment practice used today and to make suggestion how they can be improved through evidence based measures

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Erjon Zoto
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