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Information Security

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Semester commencement and program for the start seminar 2019

International students:

Orientation Days: August 12-16 2019

All students:

Mandatory start seminar August 16th from 10am in Auditorium K105

Program for the start seminar

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The lessons start after the start seminar. You will find your time schedule in TP:Timeplan

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The access card serves as a key/access card, a library card and for printing. A photo for the access card is taken during the start seminar.

Your NTNU user account must be activated before you can get an access card.

  1. By the entrance in Building A there is a photo machine
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Buy your curriculum on the internet or at the book store Sit Gjøvik at campus or at the book sales in the cafeteria in August (date tba), where former students sell their used books. You will find your curriculum in the course description for each course. (Choose Autumn 2019/Spring 2020)

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Get to know all student organizations, groups and student unions at campus on August 20th.

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The Buddy Week lasts from August 13th to August 24th.



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About Information Security

Information technology permeates all aspects of society and has become critical to industry, government, and individual well-being. Securing these vital services and structures and the availability of trustworthy information whenever and wherever it is required has become both an area of intensive research and also of burgeoning commercial activity.

Do you work with information security, digital forensics or cyber crime? This master’s programme is designed for combining your studies with your job. It is intended for anyone who needs expertise on information security in their work.

  • You take the programme part-time over three years
  • High degree of flexibility with close links to the academic community
  • Up to 10 days of group sessions in Gjøvik during the semester
  • Online-supported teaching
  • No tuition fees, only semester fees (for spring 2019, the semester fee is NOK 580)


To enter the study programme, applicants must have a relevant bachelor degree with a grade point average of at least C, and at least two years of relevant work experience.

Job prospects

Graduates will be qualified to work as ICT and critical infrastructure providers, Cooperate-forensic investigators and incident responders, Law enforcement, National security and defense.

Study environment

The study program is mainly organized as a web-based, online program (note: some presence on campus is required of all students). The study program is delivered via an online learning-management system with a focus on pedagogical methods that generates student activity, such as a virtual computer laboratory.

Programme components

Recommended optional fields of study (designed through choice of elective courses):

  • Digital Forensics and Cybercrime Investigation
  • Cyber Operations and Readiness
  • Corporate Forensics and Incident Response

Learning outcome

A candidate who has completed his or her qualification should have a learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence.

Year schedule

The year schedule for Master in Information Security, Master in Computer Science and Experience-based Master in Information Security at NTNU.


Contact master-ie@gjovik.ntnu.no if you have any questions regarding the programme.



Degree: Master in Information Security
Duration: 3 years part time, 90 ECTS
Programme code: MISEB
Restricted admission? Yes
Language of instruction: English

City: Gjøvik, Norway

Department of Information Security and Communication Technology, Fakultet for informasjonsteknologi og elektroteknikk

How to apply

Application deadlines

Non-EU/non-EEA students: 
1 December 2018

EU/EEA students: 
1 March 2019

Norwegian/Nordic students:
15 April 2019

The application portal is now open


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