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Information Security

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  • International students: Orientation Days August 14-15th
  • All students: Mandatory start seminar August 16th from 10 am to 18 pm in K102
    • Programme for the start seminar will be published here later

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About Information Security

Information technology permeates all aspects of society and has become critical to industry, government, and individual well-being. Securing the vital services and structures and ensuring availability of trustworthy information whenever and wherever it is required has become a field of intensive interdisciplinary research, development and application in the recent years.

At the same time, information security has become an area of extensive commercial activity with thousands of companies developing and marketing various services and products for information and communication technology (ICT), e.g. computer systems, communication networks, and software applications. The experience-based master in information security provides the students with complex skills within a specific area of specialization, as well as the theoretical background and attitudes necessary to succeed in this challenging yet eminently rewarding application domain.  

The program has at this moment three paths of study:

  • Cyber operations
  • Corporate forensics
  • Digital forensics and cybercrime investigations (mainly for students with police background)




Degree: Master in Information Security
Language of instruction: English

Duration: 3 years part time, 90 ECTS
Programme code: MISEB
Restricted admission? Yes

Department of Information Security and Communication Technology

Location: Gjøvik, Norway

This information is relevant for the present academic year.

Start seminar:
International students: August 14th - 15th
All students: August 16th (mandatory attendance)


Application deadlines

Non-EU/non-EEA students: 
1 December 2017

EU / EEA / Norwegian students: 
1 March 2017