Information Security

Experience-based master's degree, 3 years, Gjøvik

Information Security

– Admission requirement

Admission requirement

To be admitted to the programme of study, applicants must have a relevant bachelor’s degree with a grade point average of at least C, and at least two years of relevant work experience.

To be admitted to the programme of study, applicants must have a relevant bachelor’s degree with a grade point average of at least C. Relevant bachelor degrees include: a bachelor’s degree in police studies or a bachelor’s degree from The Norwegian Defence University College (NDUC); or bachelor’s degree, Cand. Mag. degree or other relevant degrees (see Act relating to Universities and University Colleges, Section 3-4); or a bachelor’s degree in the area of computer science or information technology. Relevant work experience is at least two years of practical work within the areas of information security, crime investigation, digital forensics or cyber incidents.

Target Group

The target group includes personnel working in police service, law enforcement, public services and governmental organizations in the Nordic countries who deal with investigation of ICT incidents, analysis of digital evidence, detection and handling cyberattacks.

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If you meet the Norwegian language requirements, or have a related Scandinavian language as your mother tongue, you can apply to any of NTNU's degree programmes. You also must meet the basic requirement for admission, and demonstrate that you meet the English language requirements.

The application deadline for the programme is March 1st for students with an international degree, and April 15th for Norwegian and Nordic degree students. Students apply through NTNU søknadsweb.

Application deadlines

Application deadlines

Norwegian/Nordic students:
15 April 2020

Norwegian and Nordic applicants can be applied through the Søknadsweb MASTERNOR from 01.02.2020.