Non-EU / non-EEA applicants

Proof of financing

NTNU charges no tuition fees, but regulations from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration state that

all international students who are not citizens of EU/EEA/EFTA countries must document that they have enough money to live in Norway. For the 2017 intake this amount is NOK 111 657. Successful applicants who are given an offer of admission will later be asked to transfer this amount to NTNU's deposit account. 

NTNU offers no scholarships. 

Documenting financing when applying

When applying to NTNU, applicants who are not citizens of EU/EEA/EFTA countries must provide documentation that they have enough money to live in Norway. This can be documented with: 

  • A bank statement showing that you have a minimum of NOK 111 657 in your bank account. The statement can not be more than three months old.
  • A signed letter from a sponsor stating they will cover the NOK 111 657. There is no particular format. 
  • A scholarship or stipend confirmation.

All documentation must be in English or come with an English translation. 

The documentation of financing is to be provided for one year at a time. Exchange students who are staying at NTNU for one semester only need to document half the amount. 

Transferring money after you have received an offer of admission

Non-EU /non-EEA /non-EFTA applicants who are granted admission to NTNU must 

transfer NOK 111 657 to NTNU's deposit account before arrival in Norway. 

This a requirement from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration to make sure that students who are admitted to Norwegian institutions have sufficient means to cover their living expenses. The money will be transferred back to you at the beginning of the semester. If you for some reason cannot start your studies, the money will be returned to your bank account in your home country. 

Information about the practical arrangements for transferring money to the deposit account will be provided in the admission letter from NTNU.

Cost of living

The deposit money required by UDI is a guideline for how much it costs to live as a student in Norway. See the Practical information section for an outline of how much you will need to budget for food, housing and transportation.