FAQ for international master's programmes

Questions about the final application process

Application process


Deadlines Non-EU applicants EU/EEA applicants Norwegian applicants and applicants from other Nordic countries
Main application deadline 1 December 1 March 15 April
Deadline for uploading documentation 15 December 15 March 1 July
Documentation of English / HEC and CHESICC verification 1 February 1 April -----
Sending of answers to applications Around 5 April Around 25 May Around 15 July



Do all my documents have to be uploaded by the application deadline?

You should aim to have all your documents uploaded by the deadline. The deadline to upload documentation is 15 December, i.e. two weeks after the deadline to register an application in the application portal. However, we accept English language documentation and HEC/CHESICC verfication reports up until: 

  • 1 February  for non-EU/non-EEA students
  • 1 April  for EU/EEA students

When do I send hard copies of my documentation?

All documents should be uploaded in your online application, unless you are from one of the countries where we require transcripts sent directly from your university or verification from a national agency. 



How do I provide documentation if I have a private sponsor? 
You have to submit a letter from your sponsor, confirming that he/she is willing to be your sponsor for the required amount of money. Also upload a bank statement showing the amount.

How do I provide documentation that I will finance myself? 
You must submit a bank statement, showing that you have at least the required amount in your account. A statement from a fixed deposit account is ok, and it is also ok to submit statements from several accounts. Please note that if you are partly funded by a sponsor and upload a statement from an account not in your own, this must be accompanied by a letter signed by your sponsor, confirming his/her willingness to finance your studies in Norway. The bank statement must be in English

Can I document financing in my home currency?
Yes, any currency is fine. Please check amount yourself by means of a currency coverter or ask your bank for assistance. Keep in mind that exchange rates vary, and you might have less when the time comes to tranfer the whole amount in NOK to NTNU. 

How old can the bank statement for documenting financing be? 
The statement should be no older than 3 months at the time of applying. 

Can I upload a bank statement from any kind of account?
Yes, you can. As long as the bank statement shows that you or your sponsor has the required amount available, it does not matter what kind of bank or account is is from. Value papers and bonds are also acceptable.

Does my money have to stay in my account from the moment i apply until I am accepted?
No, but please keep in mind that if you are accepted, you will have to transfer the whole amount into NTNU's deposit account in order to be eligible or a student visa. 

Can I submit my bank statement after I am accepted?
No, documentation of financing is an admission requirement and must be uploaded to your application before the deadline. 

As the master's degree programme lasts for two years, do I need to document financing for two years? 
You need to document financing for one year.  However, you will only get a residence permit for one year, and this must be renewed for the second year. With your application for renewal, you will have to show documentation of financing again. 

Does NTNU offer any scholarships? 
NTNU does not offer any scholarships. 

See the section on financing for more information

Motivation, recommendation, portfolio and CV

Motivation, portfolio and CV

Should I provide a motivation letter and CV? Is there a required format?
Yes, please submit a CV and motivation letter. There is no particular format/layout.

Is a portfolio necessary to apply for an architecture programme?
A portfolio is not mandatory, but may be beneficial to your application when applying for the Master's Programme in Architecture.

Is a portfolio necessary to apply to the Master of Fine Art?
Yes, you must submit a portfolio. The deadline for all applicants to upload a Visual Arts Portfolio and supporting material is 1 February 2019. Please follow the guidelines in the Application Procedures section of KiT.

English language requirements

English language requirements

Do you accept institutional TOEFL tests?
No, we do not.

What is NTNU's TOEFL Department Code?
The department code is 9652.

What is the validity of my English language test?
English tests must be no more than two years old at the time of applying to NTNU. This means that tests taken before 1 December two years prior to you application will not be accepted. The only exeption is the Cambridge tests, which are valid for life.  

See the English language requirements section for more information

Transcripts, records, diplomas

Transcripts, records, diplomas

Must I send the certificate from my higher secondary school?
Yes, we require you to upload secondary education certificates or a diploma. 

Does my secondary education need to be verified med HEC/CHESICC?
No, just your university education. Please note that education in prograss must also be verified by HEC/CHESICC, i.e. if you have not graduated yet. 

Should I convert my GPA to the ECTS-scale?
No, you should not convert your grades. Please just write your GPA according to the grading scale used at your university. We will make the necessary conversion when we start going through the applications.

I have not completed my bachelor degree by the application deadline. What should I do?
Supply the information you have at the time of applying, such as grade transcripts and courses in progress. Submit your final grade transcript and diploma as soon as you have them. Your degree must be completed by semester start in August.

Should I provide my CHESICC-verfication in both English and Chinese?
We only need CHESICC-verification of the English version of your transcript and diploma.

What is the minimum GPA score NTNU accepts?
Most master's degree programs require an average grade of C or better on the ECTS scale as a minimum requirement for admission.  NTNU converts GPAs for education from other countries than Norway, and applicants are ranked based on this assessment. We do not have the capacity to assess your grade average before you apply. 

Passport and personal information

Passport and personal information

Can I send to you a copy of my national card instead of my passport?
Yes, a copy of a valid national ID card is acceptable if you do not yet have a passport. You should then apply for a passport as soon as possible and upload a copy of this to the application portal as soon as you get it. Obtaining a passport can take some time, and you will need one to be able to apply for a visa to Norway, which also needs processing time. 

Admission and rejection letters

Admission and rejection letters

Admission and rejection letters will be sent by email.
Please note that due to the huge number of applicants, we cannot respond individually to people who want to know the results of the admissions process before we send the acceptance and rejection letters. We regret this, and wish all applicants the best of luck.

  • Non-EU applicants can expect application results around 5 April
  • EU/EEA applicants can expect application results around 25 May
  • Nordic applicants can expect application results around 15 July

What do I do about applying for visa/ residence permit?
The electronically generated admissions letter sent to you by email is valid and can be submitted as proof of your acceptance when you apply for a student visa to Norway. Please apply for a visa as soon as possible using your email confirmation of admission. The visa process can be time consuming and it is best to initiate it as soon as you have the necessary paperwork, including the email admissions letter.

I have been accepted, now what?

I have been accepted, now what?

What is NTNU's organization number?

What is the name of the Norwegian bank where I should transfer money when I apply for a visa?
The name of the bank is DNB NOR, NO-0021 OSLO

Can I defer my admission until next year?
No, you cannot. If you for some reason do not accept your offer, you must apply again next year. Please inform us as soon as possible if you decide not to accept.

When do I get a reply confirmation that you have received the deposit money I transferred?
It usually takes between 7-14 days for international transfers to come through, sometimes longer. NTNU will send you a confirmation as soon as the money is in our account.

Is it possible to have someone else transfer money for me?

Yes, someone else can transfer this money for you; however, it needs to be clear from the transfer which student the transfer is intended for – the student's name will need to be clearly stated.

How do I apply for a visa/ residence permit?
Please see udi.no and apply as soon as you have received your admission letter and other information by email. We recommend that you apply for you visa by 1 June, or as soon as you have all the documentation you require.

May I bring my wife/ husband and children with me?
For information regarding family immigration, please visit UDI's webpage. Please note that we only offer single rooms for admitted students. If you plan to bring your family you must arrange for accommodation on your own.

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