Joint Nordic Master’s Programmes

Joint Nordic Master's Programmes are two-year programmes that give students the opportunity to study at two different partner universities in the Nordic countries.

Students will be able to choose between a number of universities for each MSc programme, which provides a unique possibility to tailor a degree by academic interest and area of specialization. Graduates will receive a joint or double degree at the completion of the programme. The language of instruction is English.

Application deadline for

  • Nordic Five Tech (N5T): 16 January
  • NordMaG Master’s programmes: 15 April

Joint Nordic Master's Application

Application deadline
16 January

How to apply
Apply using NTNU's Søknadsweb if your study track starts at NTNU or if you wish to study the MSc in Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering (regardless of starting university).

Exemption: Applicants to the MSc in Cold Climate Engineering must apply through DTU.

Application deadline for NordMaG Master’s programmes: 15. April


Oddrun Maaø
Senior Executive Officer
Office of International Relations, NTNU

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