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Master's programmes taught in English

Master's programmes taught in English

All programmes have a duration of two years and are taught in English. NTNU charges no tuition fees.


International master's programmes

International master's degrees are programmes taught entirely in English. For the majority of the degrees, the student will spend the full two years at NTNU.

Programme of study Degree City
Applied Computer Science Msc Gjøvik
Biology MSc Trondheim
Biotechnology MSc Trondheim
Chemical Engineering MSc Trondheim
Chemistry MSc Trondheim
Childhood Studies MPhil Trondheim
Communication Technology   MSc Trondheim
Creative Music Technology MA Trondheim
Electric Power Engineering MSc Trondheim
Electronic Systems Design MSc Trondheim
English Linguistics and Language Acquisition MPhil Trondheim
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry MSc Trondheim
European Studies  MA Trondheim
Fine Art* MFA Trondheim
Geotechnics and Geohazards MSc Trondheim
Globalisation and Sustainable Development   MSc Trondheim

Health Management in Aquaculture

MSc Several campuses
Global Health MSc Trondheim
Global Manufacturing Management MSc Trondheim
Hydropower Development MSc Trondheim
Industrial Design MSc Trondheim
Industrial Ecology MSc Trondheim
Informatics  MSc Trondheim
Information Security  MSc Gjøvik
Interaction Design  MSc Gjøvik
International Business and Marketing MSc Ålesund
Marine Technology MSc Trondheim
Materials Science and Engineering MSc Trondheim
Mathematical Sciences MSc Trondheim
Molecular Medicine MSc Trondheim
Music, Communication and Technology*  MPhil Trondheim / Oslo
Natural Gas Technology MSc Trondheim
Natural Resources Management MSc Trondheim
Naval Architecture MSc Ålesund
Neuroscience MSc Trondheim
Ocean Resources MSc Trondheim
Nordic Master in Dance studies    Trondheim
Petroleum Engineering  MSc Trondheim
Petroleum Geosciences  MSc Trondheim
Physics  MSc Trondheim
Physical Activity and Health  MSc Trondheim
Product and System Design  MSc Ålesund
Project Management  MSc Trondheim
Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) MSc Trondheim
Simulation and visualisation MSc Ålesund
Sustainable Architecture  MSc Trondheim
Sustainable Chemical and Biochemical Engineering MSc Trondheim
Sustainable Energy  MSc Trondheim
Sustainable Manufacturing MSc Gjøvik
Urban Ecological Planning  MSc Trondheim


Joint Nordic Master's (N5T)

Joint Nordic Master's (N5T)

Joint Nordic Master's Programmes give you the opportunity to study at two of the  five leading technical universities in the Nordic countries (Nordic Five Tech), spending one year at each. You graduate with a double master’s degree from the two universities. NTNU charges no tuition fees, but partner universities might.


Programme of study Degree Deadline
Cold Climate Engineering JNM / MSc 1 March
Environmental Engineering JNM / MSc 1 March

Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering 

JNM / MSc 15 January
Maritime Engineering JNM / MSc 1 March
Polymer Technology JNM / MSc 15 January


Erasmus Mundus

Erasmus Mundus

An Erasmus Mundus degree, is a prestigious study programme, jointly delivered by an international consortium of universities. Scholarships are awarded to the best student candidates applying under annual selection rounds. NTNU charges no tuition fees, but partner universities might.

Erasmus Mundus programmes offered at NTNU :