Master of Science in Informatics

Master's degree programme, 2 years, Trondheim

Master of Science in Informatics


Students with the robot Pepper. Photo.
Students with the robot Pepper. Photo: Geir Mogen

What will you learn?

What will you learn?

Master of Science in Informatics is a 2-year master’s programme for those who want to continue studying informatics after completion of a bachelor’s degree programme. The programme in informatics will provide you with an advanced and research-oriented competence in informatics. This course of study includes the full scope of our research within informatics in the department.

Through this programme you will develop an academic competence and ability to work independently on theoretical and practical problems by means of modern and sophisticated technology. During the two years, you will specialize in a subject area and complete the degree through your master’s thesis. The choice of courses and topic for the master’s thesis are linked to the research carried out at the department within each programme option. What you will learn in the programme.

Apply for admission

The programme is open to both international and Norwegian studants.

Admittance to the programme requires an average garde of at least "C" form a bachelor degree in computer science, software engineering, information systems, or similar with at least 80 credits in informatics. How to apply and details of admission requirements.

Career opportunities

With a Master in Informatics you will be qualified for the new working life. Most students secure a job before completion of their master’s thesis. Usually, you will start working as a developer. Gradually, however, you may become a project manager or a leader of development groups. You may also be able to work at a superior level with system design and method development.

After some years of employment in the industry, many advance to leading positions. Candidates with a Master in Informatics fill the same positions and roles as candidates with an MSc in Computer Technology. What you can work with.

Study environment

Everyday student life is quite structured with lectures and exercises, and you spend a lot of time with your fellow students along the way. The informatics students’ association Online organiz social gatherings, promoting academic competence and contact with business and industry. Everyday student life at informatics.

Programme components

The programme consists of four programme options and you have to apply for admission to one of the following:

  • Databases and Search
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software
  • Interaction Design, Game and Learning Technology

The first part of the programme consists of compulsory courses and courses within the programme option selected by the student him/herself. The programme is concluded by a master’s thesis under the supervision of a researcher. How the programme is structured.


We can help you with individual education plans, choice of courses, job relevance and general questions about the study programme. How to contact us.



Degree: Master of Science in Informatics
Duration: 2 years, 120 ECTS
Programme code: MSIT
Restricted admission: Yes
Language of instruction: English

Department of Computer Science

Faculty of Information Technology and Eletrical Engineering

City: Trondheim

How to apply

Krysspublisert! IKKE rør! Application deadlines

COVID-19 and arrival in Norway: Information directed at students moving to Norway

Application deadlines

Non-EU/non-EEA students: 
1 December 2020

EU/EEA students: 
1 March 2021

Norwegian/Nordic students:
15 April 2021

Admission August 2021: The application portal will open in October for non-EU students

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